How to Get Your Website/Blog Listed in Google News

Today, I am going to tell you about google news. You may want to know how to get your website/blog listed in google news. Google news has gained its popularity since the last few years. Because google news is large-scale of traffic source. Bloggers or websites owners always think about their site’s traffic. They looking for new sources that provide them more traffic. Nowadays google news is a stable source of traffic. So the bloggers are knocking at the door of google news so that they get approved and listed in google news. But you have to know how to get your website/blog listed in google news.

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Google news is from Google.Inc and it is a free news aggregator. It selects news from thousands of news websites. Google news was launched in 2002 and available in 35 languages.

Previously only a few publishers on google news but the recent situation is totally different  from the past. Many sites got into google news so that they can get huge traffic from this excellent source. But it is not easy to get approved in google news. You try to know how to get your website/blog listed in google news. Here I will show you all requirements to get approved in google news.

How to Get Your Website/Blog Listed in Google News

How to get your website/blog listed in google news

Your Website/Blog Theme

Your site’s theme is a crucial factor to get approved google news. It must be perfect that resemble to google news conditions. Your theme must be magazine style with proper sections.

Google news likes attractive and professional looks theme. So before choosing your site’s theme you need to select such a theme that looks like a news site.

Configure Important Pages

There are some pages that must have on your site. Without having About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Authors Pages you will not get approved in google news. So you should create these pages before applying.

Multi-Authors Site

You must have more than one authors in your site. Because only one author can not write a lot of contents every day. So it is obvious that different authors write content on your site.

Job Updates, Notifications and How to Guides Posts must Ignore

It is an important condition of google news to get approved that you can not publish job updates, notifications and how to guides posts on your site. Because these types of contents are not related to the news site.

So you must remove all the job updates, notifications and how to guides posts from your site before applying.


You should write different types of contents that are divided into different categories. It is really a good idea that helps your users very much.

Publish Quality Contents

You know quality comes first. When you write content you should focus on its quality. Google news loves the quality of your content. If you publish low-quality content, you will not approve for google news. So if you want to know how to get your website/blog listed in google news, you must know how to write quality content.

Author Bio on Posts Pages

Author bio is also a necessity to get approval in google news. It increases your chance to get approval.

Publish a Good Amount of Contents

You need to publish enough content every day on your site. Google news ask for 3 articles per day. But this number is not enough. You need to publish 8-10 contents per day.


Grammar is the key factor for google news. So you should careful about grammatical errors when you write content. Google news team check your all contents after applying for google news. They mostly check the grammar of your contents.

Minimum Posts and Traffic

If you have a lot of quality posts on your site that is a good sign. Traffic is not very much important but a good amount of traffic increase your chance to get approved.

Site Age

Website/blog age can play an important role to get approval in google news. If your site’s age is 1 year that is good enough.

Google News Sitemap

Google news sitemap is one of the most important requirements for your site. News sitemap and normal sitemap are not same. Google news sitemap will have only a maximum of 1000 URLs in the index at a time. You can use a premium plugin Yoast SEO news plugin to add a news sitemap on your site.

Mobile Optimized Site

You know how important the mobile phone? We can do everything on our mobile phones just like a computer. So you have a mobile friendly site.

Article URL

Your URL should be article related. Make permalink related to your post. Place the keywords on your permalink.

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