How To Get Wikipedia Backlinks Easiest Way

The backlink is crucial for a website. But all the backlinks are not powerful enough to rank you on Google. Some backlinks have the ability to do enough for you. These are high authority backlinks. Wikipedia is one of the best, oldest and powerful website on the Internet. You can create Wikipedia backlinks. In this article, I will show how to get Wikipedia backlinks?

Its Domain Authority is 100 and Page Authority is 95. Now you realize how powerful this site is? So the backlink from Wikipedia is also powerful. It is really hard to reach the top of Google and there is a big competition. You must have authority enough to google that you can rank on the first page.

Google prefers those backlinks that have come from high authority sites like Wikipedia. One backlink can do more than thousands of backlink. But you need to create on relevant pages.

I have found the easiest way to create wiki backlinks. This method is really easy.

Read this article and know how to create Wikipedia backlinks?

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Getting Wikipedia backlinks is not an easy task. You have to go to the right way. You need to build backlinks to relevant pages.

We have three option to get wiki backlinks. Here I will show how to get backlinks from Wikipedia dead links?

Dead links building is the best and perfect way to get high authority backlinks from Wikipedia.

How To Get Wikipedia Backlinks

At first, you have to find out dead links that relevant to your pages. There are different ways you can find relevant dead links in Wikipedia.

WikiGrabber is the most powerful and perfect tool for finding link building opportunities in Wikipedia.

How To Get Wikipedia Backlinks

Now the step by step guide to get Wikipedia backlinks.

Step:1 Find Dead Links or Broken Links

WikiGrabber is the best tool for finding dead links in Wikipedia.

Just enter your relevant search query or keywords. Such as I am using SEO, blogging social media marketing, technology and more.

You can enter any keywords that are relevant to your niche.

Just enter a search query and click on Search. Then select Dead Links.

Below the screen shot of WikiGrabbar.

How To Get Wikipedia Backlinks

You can also use Google Search for finding dead links.

Use the following search query. “Your Keyword Phrase” “dead link”

Or “Your Keyword Phrase” “Citation Needed”

For Example:

How To Get Wikipedia Backlinks

Step 2: Enter The Wiki Page and Get The Dead Link

You can use any option, WikiGrabbar or Advanced Google search.

After getting the results, you need to open Wikipedia page.

Now Click on Ctrl+F and type the dead link in the search bar.

If this page contains the dead link, it will appear like below.

how to get wikipedia backlinks


Step 3: Analyze The Link

Now copy the dead link from Wikipedia. Then paste the link in Wayback Machine to see how the how it used to look earlier.

Paste the link and click on Browse History. I got the following for one of Wikipedia dead link.

how to get wikipedia backlinks

Now read the earlier copies to find the web page is relevant to your niche or topic.

Find the relevant content on your site or create the content that matches this web page.

You must get the relevant dead link. Keep searching in this same way until you find your relevant dead link.


Step 4: Analyze The Number of Backlinks

In this step, you need to see all backlinks that pointing to that dead link.

You can use SEMRush, Majestic SEO or Ahrefs to get the total number of backlinks.

Here, I have used Majestic SEO. I got the below results.

how to get wikipedia backlinks

Only 3 backlinks that linked to the dead link. I think 30 or more is the good number of backlinks. So try to get a dead link that has 30 or more backlinks.

Step 5: Create Wikipedia Account

You need to create an account if you want to get Wikipedia backlinks. It is totally free.

Just visit click on Create account.

how to get wikipedia backlinks


Now enter your username, email, and password. You need to fill up a captcha. Finally, click Create your account.

how to get wikipedia backlinks


Step 6: Replace Dead Link with Your Own

Before editing, you need to earn some credits from Wikipedia, so you have to edit some broken links and dead links without using your own link.

Before editing, you must be careful about your niche. The dead link should be relevant to you. You should place the link of your low-quality article. Otherwise, you will not get any benefit.

Once you created an account you can edit the wiki page by replacing your link.

Click on Edit this article or you can also click Edit in every section that contains the dead link.

how to get wikipedia backlinks

Now you are in Wikipedia editor.

Then press Ctrl+F and type Dead Link to get the dead link in the source code.

Replace the dead link with your own link.

how to get wikipedia backlinks

Once you have done click on Save Page. You can add something about your changes on Edit Summary.

how to get wikipedia backlinks

You have to wait some time until you will be approved.

I think you must be OK if you have done everything properly.

Over To You

I hope now you know how to get Wikipedia backlinks? You need time to get a wiki backlink but it is better than other hundreds of backlinks.

Getting Wikipedia backlinks will be easy for you if you follow this article.

If you have some Wikipedia backlinks, you will reach the door of Google. It will be helpful to rank better in search engines including Google. But be careful, you should not spam here. Try justly for getting wiki backlinks.

I recommend you to use SEO tool like SEMRush. It is the best and most powerful competitor’s analysis tool that can create the best link building opportunities.

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