How to Add Facebook Video in WordPress Site or Blog

Nowadays facebook is one of the most popular and most useful websites around the web. After the google search, I think people prefer to search facebook. Day by day the popularity of facebook are increasing. We know it as a social networking site. But facebook has become images and videos sharing site. We get a lot of interesting videos on facebook. If you want to embed  facebook video to WordPress site, you can do it. This article shows you how to add facebook video in WordPress site or blog?

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Facebook is the most important social networking site and we get huge advantages from this site . There are a lot of interesting and important videos we find on facebook. We will be benefited if we embed facebook video to WordPress site.

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When you add facebook video on your posts, it will help to increase the engagement of the users. You will get more followers on your facebook fan page. We will able to reach a wider audience with the same video from both your facebook page and WordPress post.  Users can do social media marketing properly. So we should know how to add facebook video in WordPress?

This article can be your best choice that shows you how add facebook video in WordPress step by step? So follow this article and do it perfectly.

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How to Add Facebook Video in WordPress Site

Login to facebook and find the video that you want to embed to WordPress. Now right click on the date or time of that video and select Copy link Address. See the below image.

How to Add Facebook Video in WordPress

Now visit this page Facebook Embedded Video Player. Now scroll down and find Embedded Video Player Configurator.

Then paste the video URL that you have copied from facebook. You need to paste the URL into URL of  Video. Then click on Get Code.

How to Add Facebook Video in WordPress


After clicking Get Code you will see a popup with two boxes of code.

How to Add Facebook Video in WordPress

The first one you need to add the header section of your website or blog. If you want to edit your theme then  paste the code just after the <body> tag of your header.php file. If you have no problem then you can edit your theme by adding this code.

There is another option. You need to install and activate Insert Headers and Footers plugin. Now go to Settings >> Insert Headers and Footers. Now paste the code into footer area and click on Save Changes.

Then you have to use the second part of code from facebook embedded video configurator. Copy the second part of the code and paste the code into your post or page where you want to add this facebook video.

You need to remember that paste the code on Text area, not the Visual area of your post or page.

how to add facebook video in WordPress

That’s all. You have done. You will see facebook video on your page or post after publishing.

Hope you have enjoyed this article. Now you know how to add facebook video in WordPress site.

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