How to Add WhatsApp Share Button to Blogger Blog

If you are a blogger, you and every blogger know that traffic is the biggest factor. You have hundreds of quality articles but traffic is very low. You can not do anything with your blog. Bloggers, webmasters, and SEO experts always try to get more and more traffic. There are different sources that we get traffic. Social networking sites are the best source of traffic. We mainly know about facebook, twitter, google plus, Pinterest, Linkedin and more. But there is another great traffic source that most of the bloggers are not aware of. That is Whatsapp. I will show you how to add Whatsapp share button to blogger blog.

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If I want to say about social media we mainly think about facebook, twitter and google plus. But we need to know that we should not confine ourselves only these above social networking sites. Because if we involve more social networking sites we will get more traffic. The popularity of Whatsapp is increasing day by day. You can not believe that Whatsapp has more than 1 billion users. It is better than facebook because it is mobile friendly and you have a big chance to get huge visitors from mobile devices. If you know how to add Whatsapp share button to blogger blog. Then you can easily add this excellent social media with your blog. You should be careful this wonderful platform to get huge traffic.

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Whatsapp has already made its position. It has more than facebook users. So add Whatsapp share button to your blog.

How to Add Whatsapp Share Button to Blogger

How to Add Whatsapp Share Button to Blogger Blog

  • Login to blogger Dashboard. Click on Template >> Edit HTML.

How to Add Whatsapp Share Button to Blogger

  • Now press Ctrl+F to open search bar. Then find the </head> tag. Copy the below code and paste this code just before the </head> tag.
<script type='text/javascript'>if(typeof wabtn4fg===&quot;undefined&quot;){wabtn4fg=1;h=document.head||document.getElementsByTagName(&quot;head&quot;)[0],s=document.createElement(&quot;script&quot;);s.type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;;s.src=&quot;;;h.appendChild(s);}</script>
<a class='wa_btn wa_btn_s' expr:data-href='data:post.url' expr:data-text='data:post.title' href='whatsapp://send' style='display:none'>Share</a>
  • Now Save Templte. You have done.

There is another way you can Whatsapp share button to blogger blog.

  • Go this website
  • Now create an account. Then go to your tools and get your tool that have Whatsapp sharing button on it.
  • Then you can do step by step.

Add Whatsapp share button to WordPress

If you are a WordPress user. You can easily add Whatsapp sharing button to your WordPress site.

You need a plugin that is WhatsApp Share Button plugin.

Install this plugin to your WordPress site. Then go to this plugin and activate.

That’s all. You have done.

Hope now you know how to add Whatsapp share button to blogger and WordPress.

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