How To Build Relationships With Other Bloggers If You Know Nothing

We can no live alone, we can not do alone. We need others help if we want to do something special. Blogging is such a special thing that is impossible without others help. You are not alone, you have a lot of partners around the world. You can make good relationships with them in this blogging journey. This journey is unstoppable so you feel lonely without your friends. There is a good news that you can connect with successful bloggers. So you need to know how to build relationships with other bloggers?

This is really a great news for you that your influencers are waiting for you and you have an opportunity to connect with successful bloggers. It will be really helpful for you because all the successful bloggers or your influencers know more than you. They have already passed the primary stage that was full of struggles. They must help you to be a successful blogger like them. But before you need to know how to build relationships with other bloggers.

Popular or successful bloggers or your influencers have a lot of audiences and they can introduce you to this blogging community. You can easily promote your contents if they help you.

Many beginners are trying to build relationships with their influencers. Some of them will success and some of them will fail because they are going on the wrong way. You should select the perfect and effective way. This article is for you if you want to know how to build relationships with other bloggers?

You should not fear, I am with you. You will be successful and your influencers will be happy with you.

How to Build Relationships with other Bloggers

Find The Bloggers In Your Niche

I think it is important for you to build relationships with other bloggers who are in your niche. It will be helpful and you can easily do this. So it is the first and most important responsibility for you to find the influencers in your niche.

You may have some related bloggers on your collection but I think it is not enough. You need to find more bloggers in your niche. There are a lot of successful bloggers are available related to your niche. You should find those bloggers and then start your work.

There are many tools are available to find your influencers.

Buzzsumo is my favorite tool to do that.

Just visit this site and enter your niche then search. You need to select Influencers from the menu.

How to Build Relationships with other Bloggers


Connect With Social Networking Sites

How to Build Relationships with other Bloggers

If you want to connect with successful bloggers you need to follow them on social networking sites. It is really an effective way to make relation with your influencers on social networking sites.

All the successful bloggers are really popular on social networking sites because they are really active on these sites. We only find on search engines for good bloggers but you should remember that facebook, twitter, google plus, Linkedin, Youtube and more are great places to find your influencers.

You need to follow them on all social networking sites. Share their posts on your pages or profile, like and comment on their post. Try to write such comment so that they will glad to you.

Visit Their Blogs, Read and Add Colorful Comment

Commenting is a great way to build relationships with your influencers. You can directly join with others successful blogging by commenting.

So you need to visit their blogs, read their articles carefully and then add your chromatic comments. Every blogger checks their all comments almost every day. They try to give answers to their readers. You need to know how to comment on others blogs that help you to build a relationship.

The comment should be relevant, reasonable and perfect. Try to add their value with a long comment, ask a question. Comment such a way that you are talking with them. Then they will realize how important you are for them!

Active In Forums

There are a lot of forum sites on the internet. A forum site is an excellent place for all types of bloggers: Advanced and Newbies. You can easily find and interact with your influencers on form sites.

This is really an effective way to build relationships with other bloggers. Find out some good forums and join discussions.

Offer Guest Posts

If your influencers allow guest post then you should try. This is one of the perfect ways to join with them. You can be a favorite person to your influencers if you can write for them.

So find the blogs allow guest posting. Then offer those bloggers that you want to write for them.

Interview Them

The interview is the really a smart way to make a relation with other successful bloggers. You need to promote your influencers on your blog. Then interview is the best way.

Ask them for an interview, if they accept, find some good questions so that your influencers will be happy. Finally, publish on your blog.

Don’t Irritate Them

You should not irritate your influencers or other successful bloggers. You need to try on the perfect way. If you don’t know how to build relationships with other bloggers then you should not try.

Be smart and try to convince them using perfect tricks. You should not say them directly: Share My Posts, Please Share My Blog with Your Audience and more.

Review Their Product, Book and more

You can connect with successful bloggers easily if you write good reviews of their products, books, events and more.

You can be a beloved person if you promote their products.


All the successful bloggers know how to reach the goal of success. They know the way to becoming a successful blogger. We learn from our seniors and they can lead us properly. So we need to follow them.

I always try to build relationships with my influencers. They are my hidden treasure. I hope you also know how to build relationships with other bloggers?


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