How to Change WordPress Admin URL to Protect Your Blog

Normally, WordPress provides a default admin URL such as This is ok but there is a problem not only a problem that is a big problem, everybody knows this default URL. So we must worry about it that someone can easily hack your website or blog. If you leak your password or you are using the same password more than one place then the chance will increase to hack your blog. But if you change your default admin URL, you will get extra security from hackers. Here I show you how to change WordPress admin URL.

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Your website or blog is really a precious thing to you that you do not want to lose. So you must take extra steps so that no one can do any harm of your site. I want to help you, in this case, I want to share here details about how to change WordPress admin URL.

We know that WordPress sites are really popular all around the world. So hackers are really crazy to hack WordPress sites. Every day thousands of websites hacked by the hackers. So we are living under a threat of hackers. You should take immediate steps to protect your valuable site. I will share here one of the most effective methods to protect your site from hackers that is change default admin URL. You have to know how to change WordPress admin URL.

How to Change WordPress Admin URL

You need to install a plugin in your WordPress site named Lockdown WP Admin. You should have permalinks of your site if you want to get the best results.

  • Log in your WordPress Dashboard. Now click on Plugins and select Add New.

How to Change WordPress Admin URL

  • Then search for Lockdown WP Admin and install this plugin on your WordPress site.

How to Change WordPress Admin URL

  • Now activate this plugin by clicking on Activate Plugin. Then launch this plugin, you need to click on Lockdown WP and select Lockdown WP.
  • Then select Yes, please WP Admin from the user when they aren’t logged in. Now change the WordPress admin URL from WordPress Login URL box. You can enter any other name you like.
  • Finally,click on Save Options.
  • Then you will see your present login URL in Your current login URL is section.

How to Change WordPress Admin URL

  • Now check the result of this plugin. Log out from your dashboard. Then enter your previous default WordPress admin URL. You will see 404 not found error page. That’s great. You need to enter secret WordPress admin URL to access your dashboard. Now you have done.


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