How to Check Duplicate Content of Your Blog

Content is the king we know. But I think quality and the unique content is the king. You agree with me that the quality of your content is more important than any other issues. Yo may know the quality is better than quantity. So bloggers should be careful about the quality. This is the age of technology and many people are entering in the blogging sector. So you realize that your competitors are increasing. When you try to rank on search engines like google, you should remember it is not a magic. The ranking is a combination of many things. You need to fill all the requirements of google if you want to rank high. There are some bad signals to google of your blog that lose your reputation. Duplicate content is one of the worst things that really harmful for your blog. Here I show you how to check duplicate content of your blog.

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It is really easy to find out copied contents from your blog. Google uses Panda algorithm for detecting and down ranking the duplicate content. Fresh and unique content rank better on google. But sometimes bloggers make a mistake that they publish duplicate contents. If they know how to check duplicate content then they easily remove duplicate contents from their blogs.

There are differents plagiarism checker tools that help you to check duplicate or copied content. Plagiarism checking has become really popular because of post-Panda and Penguin updates.  When google will find copied content in your blog. It will automatically down your site.

Duplicate content is a content that appears in more than one places. Duplicate content is  multiple pieces of equivalent content. It is really difficult for search engines to decide which version is more relevant to search query. I write this article who want to know how to check duplicate content of your blog.

How to Check Duplicate Content: Using CopyScape

Copyscape is the best and most popular plagiarism checker tool. It is a free tool that checks your all duplicate content. You can check if anyone copying any content from your site. It is the most dependable tool on the internet. Most of the bloggers, webmasters, SEO experts use this tool for it’s best performance.

There are many interesting features of Copyscape. You can detect and remove all copied content from your site. Copyscape has two version free and premium. I use the free service.

If you want to check duplicate content your need to sign up. Then you will see the below options. Choose any of these options.

How to Check Duplicate Content


Now you need to enter the links of your pages or posts which you want to protect.  You will get a message if someone copies your content.

How to Check Duplicate Content


How to Check Duplicate Content: Using Google Search

You can easily check duplicate content using google search. It is the most dependable process but you need more time to check duplicate content.

Copy the random text phrases from your content then paste them in google search bar. You must paste your texts in “double quotes”

Plagiarized content will be shown as exact matching text highlighted in bold.  But no results found for unique content.

How to Check Duplicate Content

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