How To Cloak Affiliate Links On WordPress-Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugins

Affiliate marketing has already reached the top. Most of the bloggers and online workers choose affiliate marketing to make money online. If you are a blogger then you have a big opportunity to earn huge money by affiliate marketing. There are a lot of affiliate marketplaces and products. You can join your relevant marketplaces and start marketing using some of the best products. Affiliate marketing has become easy because of different tools. When you sign up for an affiliate program, you will get a unique link. But this link looks odd, you need to cloak this link to make it more appealing. This article shows you how to cloak affiliate links on WordPress?

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It is really a good idea to cloak your affiliate links. All the affiliate marketers do that so you must do it if you want to run your business properly.

As an affiliate marketer, I also use different affiliate link cloaking plugins to cloak my links.

You may want to know how to cloak affiliate links, stop here. This post helps to do that perfectly.

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What is Link Cloaking?

Link Cloaking is a technique that makes your complex affiliate link into a shorter and attractive link.

Your real affiliate link is complex and you can not remember this link easily. So you need to cloak affiliate link.

There are different tools for making a good looking links. If you are on WordPress, use these link cloaking plugins.

Why Do You Cloak Affiliate Links?

Your real affiliate link is quite ugly.

Such as, the following one is your real affiliate link.

This is not beautiful at all. But you can make it user-friendly.

I think you must prefer the second one.

Here are some benefits to cloak your affiliate links:

  1. Link cloaking is a security issue. Someone can hack your link if you use the real one.
  2. You can make your link user and SEO friendly. The original affiliate link is confusing for your readers. They don’t know where they are going?  If you cloak that link, it will be more user-friendly.
  3. You can easily manage your cloaked affiliate link. The big link becomes short.
  4. You can not remember the original one. Using cloaking plugin, you can make it easily memorable.
  5. You get more clicks and sales if you have an eye-catching link. People don’t like the weird link. They prefer attractive and relevant links.

How to Cloak Affiliate Links: Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugins

# ThirstyAffiliates

ThirstyAffiliates is the best, most powerful and popular WordPress link cloaking plugin.

Almost all the WordPress users and online marketer use this excellent plugin. It is amazing with its hundreds of features.

I was not familiar with this plugin so I used another one. But when I started using this plugin, I realized that this one is the best.

You can manage your affiliate links and other related issues using this tool. It is the must have plugin for the WordPress user.

This plugin allows you to cloak your affiliate links, add these links on WordPress and manage easily from single Dashboard.

If you want to increase your business then ThristyAffiliates is for you.

Just install this plugin and change some settings.

How to Cloak Affiliate Links


# Pretty Link Lite

Pretty Link Lite is another important affiliate plugin for the WordPress users. This is also a good link cloaking plugin.

You can easily cloak affiliate link. It has options to add auto nofollow tag to your links, shorten and redirect them properly. I have used this plugin. This really a user-friendly plugin.

How to Cloak Affiliate Links


# Affiliate Link Cloaking

Affiliate Link Cloaking  can hide your links from the visitors and it protects the visitors to give up your affiliate ID.

This plugin shrinks the link and makes it shorter. When visitors click on shrinked link, it will redirect to your original link.

Affiliate Link Cloaking


# Easy Affiliate Links

Easy Affiliate Links allows you to cloak, add and manage affiliate links.
You can handle your all links from a single dashboard. You can track monthly and lifetime clicks, import affiliate links from XML and more.

It has easy to use interface.

How to Cloak Affiliate Links


# WP Wizard Cloak

WP Wizard Cloak plugin is really easy to use.

You can easily cloak, short, add and manage your all links. This plugin generates all clicks report anytime you want, it also your click data to CSV. Automatically turns keywords into links on your site.

How to Cloak Affiliate Links


Over To You

Now you know how to cloak affiliate links? Here are different plugins, you can use any of these plugins. But ThristyAffiliates is the best. It has a lot of options that help you to track and analyze your affiliate links. You can take your business to next level using ThristyAffiliates.


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