How to Create Facebook ID Card Easily

Do you have national ID card? I think, Yes. Now is the time to create facebook identity card. If you have not any national ID card, you can create a Facebook identity card. If you are  a facebook user you can create it. But you need to know how to create facebook ID card? It is not very much important. It is just a fun. But it can be special for you that you can share with your friends.

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Facebook is the best and giant social networking site. No other social networking sites are as popular as facebook. Facebook offers us the best features that are really user-friendly. We can do many things with facebook. Most of the users are not aware of all the features of facebook. Facebook ID card is not a facebook feature. Facebook doesn’t accept this ID card. But you can create this for your satisfaction. So I want to show you how to create facebook ID card?

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We have a lot of friends on our friend’s list. We always want to do something interest for our friends. Facebook Identity card is such thing that you can impress your friends easily. They will be happy to see your ID card and they want to create for themselves. This article helps you who want to know how to create facebook ID card?

How to Create Facebook ID card Easily

  • Login to your desired facebook account that you want to create ID card. Then click on this link Generate Facebook ID Card.
  • Now click on Generate ID like below image.

How to Create Facebook ID card

  • Now you will see a popup. Click on Continue as Your name.
  • You have almost done. You will see a page where you can Download, Generate or post on facebook of you ID.

How to Create Facebook ID card

  • If everything is Ok. Click on Generate ID. You can share on your facebook timeline by clicking Post on Facebook. Click on Download to store on your devices.

That’s all. You have done. I hope you know how to create facebook ID card.


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