How to delete Yahoo Gmail Facebook & Twitter Account

Technology has made our life easy. We can communicate with each other for different issues. If we want to do our work perfectly, we must use email services and social networking sites. There are a lot of email services such as yahoo mail, Gmail and there are different social networking sites for example facebook, twitter and more. Here I show you how to delete yahoo, Gmail, facebook and twitter account.

You have to create an account if you want to use these services. Sometimes we create more than one account or some accounts need to delete for some problems. Some accounts may be no more useful. So you can delete all the useless accounts so that you can saving your time because maintaining different accounts are not really easy. It may be disturbing for you.

When you make a decision to delete your unnecessary account, you must be careful because you will loose our all data, contacts, emails, and messages permanently. But you can save your all important information before deleting. My article shows you how to delete Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter account.

How to Delete Yahoo Email Account

Yahoo mail is one of the most popular email services. Thousands of people all over the world are using yahoo mail service for sending and receiving messages, data, files, images, videos and so on. I also personally use yahoo mail. It is one of my favorite mail services. It was created by American company Yahoo and it has been providing service successfully since 1997. After opening an account in yahoo if you think will see that you need not that account anymore, you can delete your account. Here I show you how to delete yahoo account, it’s really easy.

  1. Login to your yahoo mail account with ID and password. Then paste this address into your browser’s address bar “” and press enter.

how to ,delete

2. Then “Terminating your Yahoo! Account” page will open. Then check your ID, put your  password and enter the captcha code. Then click on Terminate this Account. Now you have done.

how to delete



How to Delete Gmail Account

Gmail is also one of the best and most trusted emails services. All the bloggers should have a Gmail account because without having a Gmail account you can not use any service of Google. Gmail is a google product and if you want to use Youtube, Blogger, Google Plus and more you need a Gmail account. But if you want to  Here I show you How to delete Gmail account.

  1. Sign in your Gmail account then click on Settings from the gear button. Then Accounts and Import and Other Google Account settings.

how to delete

2. Now a new page appears click on “Delete your account or services”. Now click on “Delete Google Account and data”.

how to delete

3. After entering your password you will see a new page. There is an option to download your data. Then click on DELETE ACCOUNT. Now you have done.

how to delete


How to Delete Facebook Account

Social networking sites, how important in your blogging career. Except social media connection, no blogger can do well. You have already learned social networking sites are big source traffic, it also pushes google to improve your page rank. Search engines prefer your good connection with social networking sites. As an internet user, you may have a Facebook account. Facebook is the most popular social networking site. People nowadays chiefly communicate to each other by Facebook.Blogger also uses Facebook to increase their popularity and traffic.

If you seem that you need to delete your Facebook account for some problems. Sometimes Facebook can be a cause of your disturbing then you can deactivate or delete your account.  Here I show you how to delete or deactivate your account.

Deactivate Process

  1. Go to your Facebook account then “Settings” and “Security”. Then click on Deactivate Your Account.

how to delete

2. Then click on “Deactivate your account” and then Deactivate. Now you have deactivated your account.

how to delete

Now I show you how to delete your Facebook account permanently. Before doing this, you can download a copy of your Facebook data. Because you will loose all your data permanently you have shared in your profile before.

Click on the below button and then click “Delete My Account”.

Delete Account


How to Delete Twitter Account

Twitter is also a popular social networking site. If you want to delete twitter account, I will show you how to delete twitter account.

  1. Go to your twitter account and click on “Settings”. Now click on “Request your archive” if you want to save your tweets. Then click “Deactivate my account”

how to delete

2. Then a new page will open. Read the information and click “Deactivate”

how to delete

3. Then you need to enter your password. Now click on Deactivate account. That’s all.

how to delete

Hope you have enjoyed this article. I think this article help you if you want to know how to delete yahoo, Gmail, facebook and twitter account. But think before deleting your account. You should not remove your necessary account.

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