How to Fix Slow Internet Connection and Get High Speed

Slow internet connection is a big problem. You must need high speed and efficient internet connection to work properly on online. But it is not easy to get a high-speed internet connection because of money. You can not browse the internet properly with a slow internet.  But there is a chance to increase your internet speed. You need to know some tips about how to fix slow internet connection. There are some reasons why your existing connection is slow. But by using some tricks you will increase your internet speed. This article is about how to fix slow internet connection that helps you to get maximum internet speed on your system.

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This is the age of technology and the people are really busy in their works. They have no time to waste. So everybody wants a high-speed internet connection so that they will get everything at once. Slow speed and weak connection can be frustrating and time wasting. So you need to know how to fix slow internet connection.

Your internet speed depends on many things, both internal and external things. Slow speed internet doesn’t mean you have a slow internet plan. It depends on system hardware, cable, network card, wireless router, modem and more. When you able to fix some problems, you can increase your internet connection. Here are some best and most effective tips to increase your internet connection.

How to Fix Slow Internet Connection

How to Fix Slow Internet Connection

Use Full Bandwidth

You can increase your internet speed by 20%. Because Windows reserve 20% of internet bandwidth for its internal uses. If you can get this 20% of bandwidth, it must boost your internet speed.

  • Press Windows Key+R to open Run. Type gpedit.msc and enter.
  • Now double click on Local Computer Policy >> Computer Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> Network >> QoS Packet Scheduler >> Limit reservable bandwidth.
  • Then a new page will appear. Select Enabled and enter bandwidth limit to 0 (zero). Then  Apply and OK.

How to Fix Slow Internet Connection

Check Your Modem, Router, and Cables

You need to check your internet router, modem cables and make sure everything is ok. Because faulty cables, router, and modem affect your internet speed. You need to check your wireless router if anyone uses your internet.

Use CCleaner

Keep your browser fresh and junk free. Sometimes your PC is full of browsing history, cache and cookies. All these are a big cause of slow speed internet. To remove this problem you can download CCleaner for free that remove all the junk files from your drive. It will help you to increase your internet speed.

Download With Internet Download Manager

Many people ask me how to fix slow internet connection because they need high speed when they download anything. There are different download software programs. But IDM is the best because this software increases download speed significantly.

Delete Temporary Files

Temporary files can slow down your internet speed. Your computer stores every byte of information from those websites you have visited. This files will be stored in temporary data files so that you can access easily in the future. This temporary files may be a cause of slow internet speed. So you need to delete this temporary files from your system.

Change DNS Server

DNS server is important to get high-speed internet. You need to use proper DNS server otherwise you will get slow internet speed. You can use google DNS server because it is one of the fastest and available in free.

Block Useless Web Pages Elements

When you visit a website, some unnecessary elements such videos, images, flash contents and java Scripts will appear to you. All these elements slow down your internet speed. So you need to block these elements. You need to go to your browser’s Settings section and disable unnecessary options.

Increase Browser Cache

A browser cache is a temporary storage location where the browser temporarily stores web page information. If you increase browser cache it will help to load web page faster.

Here are some excellent tricks that must increase your internet speed. So if you want to know how to fix slow internet connection, this article helps you to fulfill your requirements.

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