How to Get Google SiteLinks Quickly for Your Website/Blog

Google is the best and most popular search engine. So our success in blogging mainly depends on google. We get a lot of facilities from google. There are other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and more but google is the most important source of your organic traffic. In this topic I am going to share you about Google SiteLinks. Here I will show you how to get google sitelinks quickly for your website or blog?

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You can get enough traffic from google after doing perfect SEO. But you need time and work on the right way. It is not easy to get organic traffic. If you get google sitelinks then you able to get more traffic.

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Sitelinks help you in different ways. So you need to know how to get google sitelinks? If you have sitelinks then you will able to increase your authority.

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Many bloggers have little knowledge about google sitelinks and they don’t know how to get google sitelinks?

What Are Google SiteLinks?

Have you ever noticed google sitelinks? I think you have noticed sitelinks but you don’t know about it.

When you search for some websites on google then sitelinks appear on search results page.

All the blogs or websites don’t have sitelinks.

Google sitelinks are the search listing format that shows below the main web page on search engine result pages. Sitelinks are decorated with two columns just below the main web page you have searched.

How to get Google SiteLinks

You have very little controls on sitelinks. You can not change the sitelinks. The sitelinks are mainly your important subpages that are related to the search query.

Why SiteLinks Are Important?

Sitelinks are really important for your website. You have to know the importance before knowing how to get google sitelinks? Here are some of the benefits of Google SiteLinks:

  • Sitelinks increase your CTR(Click Through Rate).
  • Your users get good experience.
  • Increase your site authority.
  • Sitelinks can build more trust and credibility.
  • Google takes extra care of your site and more.

How to Get Google SiteLinks Quickly

Select An Identical Brand Name

Your brand name is really important to get google sitelinks. The brand name is essential to get sitelinks. You need to select a unique brand name that no one has used it.

A unique and perfect brand name help you to get sitelinks quickly.  You have to register your domain according to your brand name.

If you have selected brand name following all the rules but don’t get google site links. I think you have to motivate google to give you sitelinks. You have to increase your online presence.

Use Perfect Navigation

Navigation is crucial for your site. Google always looking for perfect navigation. You need to create such navigation that will be easily navigable.

Google sitelinks are served with the purposes to help to navigate a website. Google takes your relevant and high traffic pages to show in sitelinks such as these can be your About Us, Contact, Sign Up pages.

Write Content Maintaining Quality

Contents are the most important factor of any website. You have a lot of quality content that means you have high traffic, authority. Google takes extra care of your website.

If you want to make your website popular to google and the people you need more quality products. Google always try to provide quality, informative and relevant contents. Your contents motivate google to give you sitelinks.

Solid Internal Linking Structure

Internal linking is a matter of SEO. It is important on-page SEO factor that easily increases your SEO score. When you get high SEO score by maintaining solid internal linking structure, google also give you the high score.

Internal links indicate the value of the pages. The most important pages have the highest number of internal links. Google shows those pages that are more important.

Submit Sitemap to Webmaster

Your sitemap is also an important issue. You should create your sitemap. Sitemap helps to index your contents and identify your important pages.

You must submit your XML sitemap to google webmaster tools. It is really important to get google sitelinks. You also need to connect with Google Analytics and Google Adwords.

Increase Your Traffic

You have a lot of traffic that means you are popular. Without enough traffic, you can not increase your authority.

You need to promote your site from one place to another. You need more organic traffic from search engines. Then you will able to get google sitelinks.


Since google sitelinks are a matter of your dignity so you need to try on the right way. Many users don’t know how to get google sitelinks? This article is for those people who want to get these valuable sitelinks.

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