How to Hide a Post from Homepage in WordPress Website

You know WordPress is the best Content Management System. You can decorate your site as you like on WordPress. This platform is really user-friendly. We can do anything easily on WordPress. There are  a lot of default settings on WordPress. If you want to change these settings you can do. When you publish a post, it will show up on your homepage. Your latest posts appear on the front page of your WordPress site. But many users want to conceal post from the homepage in WordPress. This tutorial is about how to hide a post from the homepage in WordPress?

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There are different reasons to conceal post from the homepage in WordPress. Many publishers want to reserve the homepage only for their feed readers not for everyone.

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You may publish the different type of posts every day and you do not want to show all these posts on your homepage. Because you have other top-notch and quality posts to show up on the homepage. Then you can hide a post from your homepage. But you need to know how to hide a post from the homepage in WordPress?

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WordPress allows you to conceal a post from your front page. If you know how to hide a post from the homepage in WordPress then you can easily do it.

How to Hide a Post from the homepage in WordPress

There is an excellent plugin to hide any post or page from the homepage. You need to use WP Hide Post plugin to do that.

This is really easy to use. You need not any advanced skill to use this plugin. It has no additional settings for you to configure.

You will get enough control to show your posts any place you like. You can hide your post or page just with one click.

At first, you need to install and activate WP Hide Post plugin.

When you activate this plugin, you will get an extra new meta box called Post Visibility.

You will get this Post Visibility option on your post or page edit area.

How to Hide a Post from homepage in WordPress

You can hide a post on homepage, category pages, tag pages, author pages. Just check the boxes where you want to hide your posts.

You can also hide date archives, hide a post in search results and feeds.

After checking the box/boxes you need to click on Update then Publish. Then your post will not appear in that particular area you have selected.

You can also use this plugin to hide your pages from a specific area. Just check any box and then publish.

That’s all. You have done. Hope you enjoy this tutorial.

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