How To Increase Adsense Earnings: Make Money

Make money with Adsense is very common to this day. Adsense is one of the best and most popular ads networks. Most of the bloggers especially the newbies want to use Adsense to monetize their blogs or websites. It is really easy to earn money from your blog, youtube videos and more using Google Adsense. Here I am going to tell you how to increase Adsense earnings?

Ask yourself: are you satisfied with your present Adsense earnings? I think “No” because most of the bloggers are not happy with their Adsense earnings especially the beginners. At the beginning, we have many problems such as quality and quantity problems. We do not get enough traffic, low amount of contents, SEO problems and more. For want of basic knowledge, we do not earn enough from Adsense. So we should know how to increase Adsense earnings?

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If you want to make money with Adsense, you need to follow some tricks and tips. At present, it is not easy to get Adsense approval and when you get, you have to face another problem that is the amount of money. Many bloggers are not pleased with Adsense their earnings. They want to increase their monthly income. You ay know there are the huge number of bloggers who are earning thousands of dollars every month with Adsense. You can easily be one of them if you know how to increase Adsense earnings?

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In this tutorial, I will discuss some of the most important factors that increase your Adsense earnings.

How to Increase Adsense Earnings

How to Increase Adsense Earnings

Adsense Age

The age is really a big factor to earn a good amount of money from Adsense. At the beginning, you can not earn enough because you have some problems such as you do not get enough organic traffic, SEO problem, the number of backlinks many bloggers can not rank high CPC keywords, want to basic techniques and more.

Day by day your earnings will increase if you can continue your work. You can not earn a good amount just after approval. You have to wait and see.

Improve the Quality of  Your Content

The content rich site has a big possibility to earn enough. If you have already published a lot of top quality contents then you must earn enough money. A high-quality content is such a content that impress your readers and search engines also love your content.

When readers get a good amount of quality articles they will come back again and again. Ultimately your traffic will increase, so you will earn more than the past.

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Increase Your Traffic

Traffic is the most important factor of your site. Without enough traffic, your site will die in future. You can not continue your journey with blogging. There is an intimate connection between traffic and Adsense earnings.

If you get enough traffic, you will get a lot of clicks and your earnings will increase. SEO is the key factor to get enough traffic. Both On Page and Off Page SEO are important to enhance your traffic. There are different traffic sources, organic traffic or search engines traffic is really helpful to increase your earnings.

Ad Sizes and Placement

Your ads sizes and locations are really important. All types of ads are not perfect for you. Some ads work better than other ads. According to google wider ads perform better than tall ads. Because readers feel comfort and they need not skip lines with wider ads. So wider ads lead to consistent reading.

How to Increase Adsense Earnings

These sizes are really powerful: 336*280 Large Rectangle

336*280 Large Rectangle

728*90 Leaderboard

300*250 Medium Rectangle

160*600 Wide Skyscraper

Ad placement is a big issue. Place your ads so that you can easily attract the attention of your visitors and you will get more clicks. There are different places to place your ads.

If you have a lot of active social followers, you can place ads on social share buttons.

You can also place your ads “Above the Fold” as they have higher visibility than “Below the Fold Ads.”

You can also place ads on top-left, footer, and sidebar. These positions have also a great demand.

Keywords Should Be Perfect          

Your keywords are crucial for your Adsense earnings. You need to select high click rates keywords and you should try to rank your posts with these keywords. When you rank top on search engines using higher rates keywords you will get huge traffic and ultimately your earnings will increase.

But most of the time you can not rank better using higher click rates keywords. So try to use such keywords with minimum click rates and the competition is moderate.

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Your Site’s Design 

You should take extra care on your site’s design. Because your design is the key to making your site user-friendly. Many newbies are not careful about the design of their sites. It will effect on your Adsense earnings.

You need to spend some money to increase the beauty of your site. Many bloggers use the free theme but the free theme has a lot of limitations. If you use paid theme, you can easily make your site user-friendly, search engines friendly, mobile, tablets friendly and most importantly Adsense friendly. So you get many advantages if you are serious about the design.

Ads on Your Posts and Image or Text Ads

There are tree types of ads: image, text, and image&text. I prefer image&text ads because this type attracts the users more than other. But you should use all types of ads on your site. You can put image&text ads on the most important points.

Ads between your posts can increase your earnings. You should put one or two ads on your post body.

Follow the Experts

There are a lot of bloggers who are earning enough money from Adsense. They know how to increase Adsense earnings? If you want to make money with Adsense then follow your pioneers. They were in your positions in the past. Now they became successful. Now they able to teach us.

Visit their blogs and monitor their activities. You can directly ask those bloggers if you have any questions.


Make money with Adsense is not a magic. It is true you can earn enough if you know how to increase Adsense earnings?

If you follow the above techniques, you will successful within a short time.

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