How to Increase the Security of Your Gmail Account Easily

Gmail is a crucial account. It is a webmail service from google. We use this account for many purposes such send email, documents, data and files to others. Besides an email service, we must have a Gmail account if we want to be a registered member of any other products from google. So you can realize that how important the Gmail account for you. So you make sure that your Gmail account is secure. If you are not very careful about your Gmail account, you have to suffer much. Here I come with an important article that is how to increase the security of your Gmail account.

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Google is a technology giant and our online activities mainly depend on google. We have to use different google services to do our works properly. We know that many people have built their career by using google products. Such as Blogger, Youtube, Google Plus and more are a big source of online earnings. Your Gmail account is related to other google products. If you know how to increase the security of your Gmail account, you can be safe. Here I will show you how to increase the security of your Gmail account so that no one can do any harm of your Gmail account.

How to Increase the Security of Your Gmail Account

Protect Your Password

Your Gmail account password is really important. If anyone knows your password you will lose your account. It is not really easy to recover your hacked account. So you must protect your password.

You should use a strong password so that no one can easily hack your password. Keep safe your password, you can write down Gmail password. Change your password on a regular basis. It is really a good idea changing your password. It keeps your account safe.

If you want to change your password login your account, click on gear button and select Settings. Then click on Accounts and Import then Change password.

How to Increase the Security of Your Gmail Account


Check Your Password Recovery Options

Password recovery options such as another email and your phone number are really important. Always try to use the valid email address and phone number as your recovery option.

When you lost or forget your password, your recovery email and phone number are the must to reset your password. If your Gmail account  hacked by someone and if the hacker has not changed the recovery options, you can easily recover your account. So you must understand the importance of your recovery options.

Sometimes you can change your recovery options. It is really effective to increase your account security. You can change your recovery options easily. Go to your account click on Settings then select Change password recovery options.

How to Increase the Security of Your Gmail Account


Enable 2-Step Verification 

If you think your password and recovery options are not enough to keep secure your Gmail account. You can enable 2-step verification on your Gmail account. It is really and interesting and effective process that you are able to secure your account.

If anyone knows your password he/she can not enter your accounts. He/she needs your phone because a code number is required which was sent to your phone by SMS or call. Without this code, no one can access your account. So you can enable 2-step verification to make your Gmail account more secure.

If you want to enable 2-step verification, click on Change password recovery options. Then you will see the 2-step verification option.

How to Increase the Security of Your Gmail Account


Check Your Settings

You can see your last activity that is recorded in your settings. You can see the last ten logins, the IP address and more. It will tell you about your most recent activity on your site. If you see anyone entered your account from another place, you can take the proper step.


Your Gmail account must be protected. I hope now you know how to increase the security of your Gmail account. You can apply these techniques to be more secure.

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