How to Make Firefox Faster 7 Tips for The Users

When we browse the internet we must need a browser. Without using browser we can not search for anything. The browser is one of the most important tools for all the computer users. Today is the age of technology and we can get any information from the internet. Using a browser we see a lot of thing on our computer. There are different web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and more. Mozilla firefox is one of the best and fastest web browsers. This article provides you important information that how to make Firefox faster.

Previously I gave you a list of the best Firefox extensions & add-ons. Now I want to share some basic tips about how to make Firefox faster. My article for themselves who using Firefox as their web browser. I also use this browser besides Google chrome. Mozilla has a lot of customization features and fast speed so people like it most.

If you want fast speed and fresh web browser Mozilla can be your first choice. Sometimes we see that the speed of Mozilla is not enough. There are some reasons why we didn’t get the full advantage from this excellent browser. A slow browser is really disturbing and irritating for the users. People don’t want to use slow speed browsers. There are some unexpected reasons why we don’t get the real facilities from Mozilla. So I want to share how to make Mozilla faster.

If you know how to make Firefox faster from my post and follow my tips you will definitely get an awesome and high-speed Firefox browser.

How to Make Firefox Faster

Clear your browsing history

We browse all day long in our browser so a lot of cookies and cache store in our browser history.  This is one of the big reasons why firefox getting slower. I highly recommend clearing your all browsing history. Because is one of the most effective ways to make firefox faster. Browsing history makes your browser heavy so it doesn’t work smoothly. You should make Firefox fresh by deleting all browsing history.

Go to Firefox>> click on Menu >> History >> Clear Recent History then click on Clear Now

how to make firefox faster

How to make Firefox faster

Refreshing Mozilla

When people ask me how to make Firefox faster I tell them clear history and refresh your browser. Refresh Firefox is another excellent way to make Firefox faster. Before refreshing Firefox you should remind that Firefox profile folder contains Firefox settings and other important data.  Before refreshing Firefox creates a new profile folder and back up all the data in this folder.

Type about:support in the URL bar of Firefox then enter. Now you will see “Refresh Firefox…” on the right side.


how to make firefox faster

How to make Firefox faster

Update Firefox

We know that we always try to do better than past. Mozilla always updates their features and they try to do even better than the past. The latest version is always better than you used before. Mozilla tries to add new features after people choice which make Firefox better and increase its speed.

Click on Menu >> now click on About Firefox then a new window will open then Firefox begins to check update and downloading automatically.


Pipelining is another way to make Firefox faster. It is a feature of Firefox which is built in the configuration.  It allows Firefox to send multiple requests to the web server within a short time. At first, you should know how to enable pipelining.

  1. Type about:config in the URL bar of Firefox then enter
  2. Then you will see plenty of configuration. But we need network.http.pipelining then type network.http.pipelining in the search box below URL bar.
  3. Now you will see the configuration of pipelining. Double click on network.http.pipelining to change into true from false
  4. Change network.http.pipelining.aggressive and network.http.pipelining.ssl into true by double click
  5. Set network.http.pipelining.maxrequests to 8 it will be default set to 32

                        How to Make Firefox Faster

how to make firefox faster

How to make Firefox faster

Remove Unnecessary add-ons or Toolbars

You may use different add-ons or toolbars. A lot of add-ons or toolbars is a big reason for slowing down Firefox. We need some add-ons or extensions for various purposes. But some add-ons or toolbars we need not anymore. We should remove all these unnecessary add-ons or toolbars from our browser.

Use Speed-up Extension

I don’t like a lot of extensions because it makes your browser heavy. So Firefox becomes slow. There are some extensions which make Firefox fast and smooth. Such as:





Enable HTTP Cache

There is an HTTP cache option you can enable in Firefox. It helps to reduce UI lags and other browsers problems.

  1. Type about:config in the URL bar then enter
  2. Now type browser.cache.use_new_backend in the search box
  3. Then double click on its and change it into 1 from o
how to make firefox faster

How to make Firefox Faster

There are a lot of smart Firefox users who want to know how to make Firefox faster. I have shared some interesting techniques so that you can get a smart and speedy Firefox browser.

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