10 Ways: How to Make Money Using Facebook

Facebook is great social networking site. It is the most popular social networking site. You can get a lot of facilities from facebook. It not only increase your social connections but it is also a massive source to earn money online. It is really true that you can earn money from your facebook profile. So here I come to show you how to make money using facebook?

100+ Websites to Make Money Online

At present, social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, google plus, Linkedin, Pinterest, and more are using to promote any business especially online business. Among all the social networking sites, facebook is the best because of its popularity. If you know how to make money using facebook? Then you can easily earn money from your facebook profile.

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Nowadays making money online is very common. So you can also join this journey to making money online with us. I hope you are interested in earning extra money. You can target facebook. I want to tell you the ways to earn money from your facebook profile.

I am a blogger and I need the help of social networking sites especially facebook. Facebook helps me to promote my blog and marketing mu article. I get enough visitors from facebook. Who are really crazy about facebook and spend enough time on it, then can earn money from this excellent networking sites.

 Make Money Using Facebook

How to Make Money Using Facebook

There are different ways that you can earn enough money. Here I am going to tell the 10 best ways to earn money from your facebook profile. Before starting you have to know how to make money using facebook?

Facebook Shop

Facebook Shop is an excellent app for your online business. You can sell your products on facebook using this app. It has free and paid version.

You know that the paid version is better than the free one. Because the free version has some limitations. If you want to start perfectly then you can select the paid version. But free one is also good.

You can import your all products on your facebook page using this app.

Garage Sale

It is connected to buy.com. Using Garage Sale you can easily buy your stuff such as used stuff that helps you to make money.


Faembit is also an awesome platform to get the sponsor for our pages.


Using Zazzle app you can promote your own products on zazzle.com and your facebook pages.


You can sell eBay products on your facebook page. You need to use eBay Facebook App to promote eBay products.

EasySocial Shop

You can import your all products to your facebook profile or page. You need to use EasySocialShop app.

Mass Planner

Mass Planner is a facebook tool. This tool helps us to increase out social engagement. You can get auto-accept friends, share yourr posts or pages in different groups, auto friend requests, send the message to your friends and more.

Publish a Facebook Kindle eBook

You can earn money by promoting and selling facebook kindle eBook. If you know more about facebook then write something about it and promote on facebook. Then you able to earn enough.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of best ways to earn money from your facebook profile. There are different affiliate products.

You need to select to promote affiliate products. If you know how to make money using facebook then you can earn enough.

Become a Facebook Marketing Expert

Social networking sites such as facebook are really important for all the people. If you are a social media marketing expert. Then many people hire you to promote their pages, profiles, or products. You can earn enough.


There are many sources to earn money from online. But we don’t know about it. If we know then we able to do better. Facebook is such a platform that gives you both entertainment and money.

This article have shown you how to make money using facebook?

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