How to Promote Your Blog On LinkedIn: Drive Massive Traffic

Many bloggers are thinking how to drive massive traffic to their blogs. Many people apply different methods to do that. But all the people do not get the actual result. Some people will fail and some people will win in their way of the journey. Many bloggers buy ads to promote their blogs but I think most of the bloggers just like me can not do that. So they need to find out another way to get the same result. But they need hard work with patience and they should select the right place. LinkedIn is such a place that is 100% successful in fulfilling your demands. If you know how to promote your blog on LinkedIn to drive traffic.

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We must depend on social media traffic. Because it is one of the most important traffic sources. Sometimes it can be your biggest source of traffic. It is not easy to get traffic from search engines such as google. You need to do SEO perfectly and wait with patience if you want to rank on search engines. Sometimes it becomes impossible to rank in google compete with strong competitors.

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Then social networking sites will be your real partner to drive massive traffic. LinkedIn is such a famous social networking site that provides you real and targeted traffic. LinkedIn users are very much professional so you will get the actual and valuable traffic that helps you to take your business to the next level. But you need to know how to promote your blog on LinkedIn.

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In this tutorial, I will show you the perfect ways to drive massive traffic from LinkedIn. It will be very must helpful for you.

How to Promote Your Blog On LinkedIn

You Should Complete Your Profile

The profile is the first and most important factor that attract your customers or readers. So you need to complete your profile. You should not ignore anything that related to your profile. Make sure you add everything on your profile about you and your business.

People want to know who you are, what is your profession, how can you help them? Since LinkedIn is the best social networking site for the professional. So your profile should be perfect so that people want to make a connection with you. You need to know how to make an awesome LinkedIn profile.

Go to your profile and select Edit Profile.

Then you can see different options that you need to edit. Such as you can add your education, summary on your business or about you, experiences, skills, and more.

How to Promote Your Blog On LinkedIn

Add Your Site URL or Company URL 

You need to add your website or blog URL to LinkedIn profile. It is really an important issue. People can easily visit your site from your page if you add your site URL.

Go to your edit profile and click on Contact Info just after your LinkedIn URL.

How to Promote Your Blog On LinkedIn

Now you can add your blog, company websites, RSS feed and other. Finally, click on Save button.

How to Promote Your Blog On LinkedIn

Increase Your Connections

If you have a little connection that means you have a little customer. You need to get more connections to promote your business.

If you have a lot of people on your profile, you will get more benefits. Who are really interested in you, they try to connect you directly. So increase your connections as soon as possible.

Be Active

You need to be an active member on LinkedIn. People like those who are really friendly and active.

Try to impress others doing different things.  Comment and like on others updates. You can also share others informative updates on your profiles. It helps you to build a good relation.

Share Daily

It is the most important issue to promote your blog or posts on LinkedIn. You should know how to make your profile rich that impress your customers.

You need to share your posts, pages on LinkedIn time to time. Try to share more than once daily so that people find you an active user.

How to Promote Your Blog On LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows you to share your images, updates, and articles. You should not share only your products or posts. You should also share others important article if it is relevant to you. Try to share something interesting and unique.

Join Your Targeted Groups

LinkedIn is one of the best sites with thousands of groups. You need to join different groups relevant to you. All these groups have huge members. So you have a great opportunity to get massive traffic or customers from these groups.

How to Promote Your Blog On LinkedIn

The most important thing is that you can build relation with other like-minded people and you can promote your business around the world. These groups members will be your real buyers.

Navigate to Interests and select Groups, you can see a lot of groups, you can also search for your relevant groups. Join these groups as much as you can. Then start sharing your posts, pages, image and more. Share with proper headlines and a short summary.


Create Your Own Groups

It will be really helpful for you if you have a group of your own. You can easily create a group on LinkedIn that relevant to your business. You can promote you and your business with your group.

If you can promote your group properly then you will earn a lot of members. All these members will be your permanent visitors.

Go to Interests and select Groups. Then click on Create group.

How to Promote Your Blog On LinkedIn

Now you can see a new page, you need to enter all the details about your group. Group name, summary, description, your blog or website URL, Email and more.

Your group name is really important, select such a name that is connected to your business, blog, website. Write perfect summary and description.

Finally, click on Create Group.

How to Promote Your Blog On LinkedIn


LinkedIn is such a social networking site that must add more and more value to your site. Many bloggers ignore this excellent site. They only focus on facebook, twitter, google plus. I want to say focus on different social networkings sites so you can connect with more people.

I hope now you know how to promote your blog on LinkedIn? If you have any doubt you, please ask me.


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