How to Remove Indexed URLs from Google Search

Indexing is an important issue for your pages and posts. If google doesn’t index your posts or pages. It will not appear in google search results. Sometimes we need to remove a URL from google that has already indexed. There are different reasons that you have to remove a URL from google. Some posts or pages are really useless but already indexed by google. These posts pages are really harmful to your blog or website. There is a negative effect on your site if you google indexed some of your useless pages or posts. Here I will show you how to remove indexed URLs from google search?

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Having some low-quality pages or posts decrease your SEO score and you may get a penalty by google. So you need to remove these URLs from google. This article will show you how to remove indexed URLs from google search?

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If you remove an indexed page but it still shows in custom search results, it will be dangerous fro you. Because if the visitors visit non-existed pages or posts, they will not get any good experience. So you must remove low-quality URLs from google. You need a perfect guideline, this article shows you how to remove indexed URLs from google?

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Before removing any URL you need to think because if it is important for you. Then you need not remove URLs. If a page that contains secret data but got indexed then you can remove it. Low-quality contents, some pages that are not very much important then you can remove the URLs.

Check Your Indexed Pages or Posts

Before removing you have to check your indexed pages or posts. Then you can find the useless pages or posts that you want to remove.

Go to google search and write then enter. Now you can see all of your indexed pages or posts on google search results.

Such as my site is and I have to enter

how to remove indexed URLs from google

You can block the URLs before removing. If you block the URLs google will not index the posts or pages.

There are different ways to block URLs. Such as add no index meta tag to your posts or pages, using robots.txt file, or redirect the URLs to new URLs by deleting the pages or posts.

How to Remove Indexed URLs from Google: Using Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster tools is really  important for all the blogger we must use this tool for different purposes. Here You get information how to remove indexed URLs from google using webmaster tools.

Sign in to Google webmaster tools. Then click on Manage Property >> Add or remove users.

How to Remove Indexed URLs from Google

Now from the left side menu click on Google Index and select Remove URLs.

How to Remove Indexed URLs from Google

Then click on Temporarily hide and enter the URL you want to hide. Click on Continue.

How to Remove Indexed URLs from Google

Now you can see a page like below. Select the first option from Request type drop-down menu “Temporarily hide page from search results and remove from cache” Then click on Submit Request.


Now you have done. You can see a pending request status. When the URL will remove then it will change from Pending to Removed.

That’s all. Hope you have enjoyed this article. Now you can do it perfectly. Because you know how to remove indexed URLs from google.

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