How to Research Keywords Using Google Adwords: Beginners

Keywords research is one of the most valuable SEO issues. It is really important for every blogger and content writer. You need to select perfect and usable keywords for your article and without researching keywords you can not do that. There are different keywords research tools are available. Now you need proper keywords research guide. You must know about Google Keywords Planner or Google Adwords. In this tutorial, I will show you how to research keywords using google Adwords?

Importance of LSI Keywords for Ranking Better

Most of the beginner bloggers don’t know how to select perfect keywords. They write the article but don’t get enough traffic from different sources. They are careful about the importance of keywords but don’t know how to research keywords using google Adwords?

How to Find LSI Keywords to Rank Better in Google

Google has been serving us for many years by providing different excellent tools. We are really grateful to Google. Adwords is such an excellent tool that offers you different facilities. But we know that it is only a keywords research tool.

There are many free keywords research tools are available but Adwords is the best and most trusted free keywords research tools.

Why Use Long Tail Keywords in Your Content

I am using this tools for many years. If you know how to research keywords using google Adwords then you will able to rank in google and other search engines.

We know that content is the king. But the king can not survive without a queen. The keyword is the queen of your king or content. So you must select the perfect keywords for your content.

How to Research Keywords Using Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a beginner friendly keywords research tool. Here I am going to tell how can you select proper keywords for your content.

At first, your need to visit Google Adwords. Then sign in with your Gmail account. If you don’t have, create a Gmail account.

You are in Dashboard of keyword planner. Now click on Tools and select Keyword Planner.

How to Research Keywords Using Google Adwords


Then you need to click on Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category.

Now your can see a section that you need to enter your keywords, you can also add your landing page or category.

But landing page or category are not important. Just enter your main keywords in the first box and click on Get Ideas.

How to Research Keywords Using Google Adwords


Now you can see the search results for your target keywords.

Here are two different options: Ad group ideas and Keywords ideas.

You can see some different keywords make group ideas. All these are related keywords. If you click on any group then you can see which keywords make this group. You can also select your keywords from here.

You can see the average monthly search of a particular group and the specific keywords. Competition, Suggested bid, and more are available here.

How to Research Keywords Using Google Adwords


You need to click on Keywords ideas to know details about your targeted keywords.

Such as my targeted keywords are “keyword research”.

It has 10K-100k Avg. monthly searched, competition low and suggested bid $3.50.

You can see also other thousands of related keywords. Select any of those keywords as your targeted keywords.

How to Research Keywords Using Google Adwords


Now we need to select the perfect keywords. As a newbie, you need to select low competitive, long tail,  good monthly searches keywords.

When I search for Keyword Research on google. I get some of the best and most powerful blogs at the top of the google search results. These blogs have high page rank, high DA, and high PA.

It is really impossible to beat these blogs. I can not rank if I use high competitive keywords as a beginner.

So If I use Keyword Research as my keywords, it will be hard to rank well. So I need to looking for other keywords.

How to Research Keywords Using Google Adwords


I have written an article about dofollow travel blogs list. Here Dofollow Travel Blogs are my keywords.

When I search on google Adwords to see the situation of Dofollow Travel Blogs keywords then I get the below results.

Avg. monthly search: 10-100, competition: low, suggested bid: $15.

If I search in google using these keywords.

How to Research Keywords Using Google Adwords


These are not high PR, high DA, high PA sites. I can compete with these sites if I can write an article using dofollow travel blogs. So I can select these keywords for better results because my competitors are not very strong.

You can check the domain authority, page authority, total backlinks of your competitors using OpenSiteExplorer.

Just visit this site and enter the URLs of your competitors.

You can also check the PR using PR checker tools

How to Research Keywords Using Google Adwords

Now the advanced options of keyword planner.

You can select the location. Such as you want to write something targeting India then your can select the country.

You can also select any language. You can also filter your keywords by suggested bid, competition, and impression.

How to Research Keywords Using Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a free tool but it is much better than some other paid tools. You can use this dependable keywords tool to find your best keywords.

I hope now you know how to research keywords using google Adwords? If you feel any problem, you can ask me by commenting. I will try to give you the best answer.


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