How to Start a Blog on Blogger/BlogSpot Step By Step

Are you thinking how to start a blog on blogger/BlogSpot? If you are then you have come to the right place. You know that blogging is really a popular profession among those who want to do something by themselves. It is a great way to share everything you know with others. You can start blogging as your hobby or profession. Some people want to share their ideas and some people want to earn money, some people want to promote themselves and their products.  Everything you can do with your blog.

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There are millions of bloggers are serving the people around the world. They are providing us important information. You can be one of them and you can a  superstar if you can reach your goal. But you need to know how to start a blog on blogger/Blog Spot?

There are different blogging platforms. Blogger or BlogSpot is one of the best and most popular blogging platforms. It is owned by google and you will get many unique facilities on blogger. So it has already conquered the hearts millions of people.

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Blogger is really user-friendly and perfect platform for any type of blogger. It is highly recommended for the beginners because you can easily handle your site. You can do everything without any hesitation. The most important thing is that you can be an owner of a blog without any cost. Google offers you to create a BlogSpot blog totally free.

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How to Start a Blog on Blogger/BlogSpot

This tutorial helps you so that you can create a blog easily and quickly. I will describe all the processes step by step.

Sign Up Gmail

Since Blogger is a google product so you need a new Gmail account. If you already have you can use that account but I think it is better to use a fresh Gmail account.

Go to Gmail and create your new account entering details about you.

How to Start a Blog on Blogger

Login to Blogger with New Gmail

After creating your Gmail account. Visit and sign in with your fresh Gmail ID and password. You can use all the services of Google with your Gmail account.

After signing up, you can see profile confirmation options.

Here are two options: Google Plus Profile and Blogger Profile. The readers will see this profile when they read your posts.

I like blogger profile. Click on “Create a limited Blogger profile”

How to Start a Blog on Blogger

Now enter your display name that readers will see below your posts. Then click on “Continue to Blogger”

How to Start a Blog on Blogger

Create a New Blog

You can see a new page. Select “New blog…”

You can see a popup page. Enter your blog Title and Blog address.

Your title should be relevant to your niche. You need to enter a unique blog address or URL.

Such as: Title can be “Mytechgoal”

Address or URL: “”

You need to select a template, different designs are available. You can choose anyone you like. Click on that template.

Finally, click on “Create blog!”

How to Start a Blog on Blogger

Blogger Dashboard Options

After creating a blog you will get a Dashboard where you can see different options.

Posts: You can see and edit your all posts here.

Stats: Daily, weekly, monthly and all traffic or visitors, and sources.

Comments: Readers Comments option. You can edit, reply the comments.

Earnings: Google Adsense earnings option. You can connect with Adsense directly from here.

Campaigns: You can launch different campaigns.

Pages: Create different pages such as About, Contact, Privacy and more.

Layout: It is really important that is related to your blog design. You can control and add different widgets from Layout.

Template: Template customization and Edit HTML options. You can also change your template from here.

Settings: you can edit, change some important issues such as languages, posts, comments, description, name, address and more.

Create New Post

Now write your article related to your niche. Click on “New Post” button and write your first article.

Write the article on “Compose” area not on HTLM.

Here are a lot of options such as title, publish, save, preview, and more. After writing a quality content, publish on your blog.

How to Start a Blog on Blogger

These are the primary and basic steps to create a BlogSpot blog. There are some other advanced options such as you need to add different widgets, change the design, add a navigation bar, labels, Edit some HTML codes and more.

The default settings are not enough, you should create a perfect design that is users and search engines friendly.

But these steps are enough for the beginners. I have published many articles for bloggers, you can check to know more.

I hope now you know how to start a blog on Blogger/BlogSpot.


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