How to Identify Fake Facebook Profiles Simple Tricks

You have no doubt that facebook is really a massive social networking site. I have written many things about facebook in my previous articles. Today, I want to say about the fake facebook profiles. How to identify fake facebook profiles? You can do it but you at first you need to know detail about how to identify fake facebook profiles.

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There are huge active users of facebook all around the world and the number of fake users are not few. There are also millions of fake facebook profiles that are existing on facebook. These fake facebook profiles are really disturbing and problems creating. So you need to find out these type of harmful and really bad fake facebook accounts to keep us free from these type of accounts.

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Facebook is not just only a social networking site. It has become our one of the closest friends. We really love facebook. We have an emotion for facebook. This site helps us to share and care for each other. Facebook is a great way to reach your outlooks all over the world.

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You may get a lot of friends requests from different accounts. You need to think that you are real but all the accounts are not real. Some of the fake accounts want to cheat with us by stealing our personal details with the help of these fake accounts. So you must know how to identify fake facebook profiles by following my tricks.

How to Identify Fake Facebook Profiles

Profile Image

Profile Picture is the biggest factor that you can identify the fake facebook accounts.

At first, you need to go Then click on the camera icon.

How to Identify Fake Facebook Profiles

Now go to the profile and right click on the profile picture and select Copy image address.

How to Identify Fake Facebook Profiles

Now paste the image address in the search bar of Google images page that has come after clicking the camera icon. Then click on Search by image.

How to Identify Fake Facebook Profiles

Now you will see that the similar profile image already exists on the google search. That means this is a fake profile.

How to Identify Fake Facebook Profiles

When you will see a beautiful, smart and attractive girl or boy, you should check before making a friendship.

See the Timeline

You can easily identify the account fake or real with the help of the timelines.

Most of the fake accounts have females as  gender. You see a smart, unknown and beautiful lady as the profile picture.

But you need to remember that all the profiles that contain females are not fake accounts.

A fake account contains mostly three or four pictures which are mainly celebrities photos.

Most of the fake accounts have created just a week before they send a lot of friends requests.

The About tab of the fake account gives you very few information about that person.

Check the Friend List

Friend list of can be a sign of a fake account.  If the has many mutual friends with you then one of your friends can make this fake account to make some fun.

Most of the fake accounts have a lot of global friends than the local friends. If an account has very few friends then it can be a fake account.

Date of Birth

Date of birth is an issue of the fake facebook profiles. If you see the date of birth is 1st January then you  may think it as a fake account.

Because 1st January is a default birthday. If anyone opens a fake account then he or she doesn’t consider the birthday option. Then facebook takes it on 1st January.

Check their Activities

Most of the fake accounts do not get any comments, likes on their status updates. The fake accounts users are not active on their profiles. So they do not share anything on their timelines.

I think now you know how to identify fake facebook profiles. You have to know to ensure your perfect activities on facebook. All these tips help you if you want to know how to identify fake facebook profiles.

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