Most Important Google Ranking Factors: Top 25 Reasons

You may notice some websites or blogs rank better in google while some sites can not do that. There are many reasons behind why Google rank our sites. It is not possible to know all the ranking factors. Google considers about hundreds of factors when it ranks a website or a blog. It is not possible for you to know all factors behind you rank in google. But there are some of the most important Google ranking factors you need to know before trying to rank your site.

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We think google page rank is the most important issue for any website or blog. So we are really eager to rank our sites in Google. But you should know that it is not a simple game to get high page rank from google. You need to know the real factors why google rank any website/blog. Many webmasters and talented SEO experts are researching for many days and they have already found some most important google ranking factors that will be really effective for you to rank in google as soon as possible.

Best Keywords and SEO Tools


If you are looking for the really powerful and perfect keyword research tool, you have different options. You can select any tool. But all these tools are not perfect for you.

You should know how important the keyword is? If you have selected the profitable keywords that mean you have done 70%. Now just create your excellent content. KWFinder is really an excellent keyword research tool. This tool is highly recommended by the most successful bloggers. If you want to updated and rich keyword tool then I suggest you KWFinder.




I think SEMRush doesn’t need any introduction. It is the most recommended overall SEO tool. SEMRush is not only a keyword research tool but it is also competitors analysis, site audit, and backlink analysis tool. One tool but has a lot of options.

SEMRush is the best competitors analysis tool and the keyword research option is also great. SEMRush is not a great backlink analysis tool. You can use this tool for keyword research and competitors analysis.


Most Important Google Ranking Factors

Domain Age

There are hundreds of Google ranking factors and domain age is one of the most important Google ranking factors. You must see that older domain rank better than the newer domain. So you should wait so that your domain grow up.

Keywords Selection

Keywords are very important to rank in google. You must select perfect keywords otherwise you will not able to rank better in google. You should select such keywords that are perfect for your article. Spend more time when you research keywords. If you write an awesome article but you could not select perfect keywords, you will not rank better.

Using Keywords in Title Tag

Most Important Google Ranking Factors

Your article’s title tag is a crucial signal for google. Google consider title tag as a ranking factor. Search engines including Google display title tag in search results and users become interested when they see a catching title tag including keywords. Your keywords should be placed at the start of the title tag.

Meta Description including Keywords

Most Important Google Ranking Factors

The Meta description is really important for search engines/google but it is not important for the visitors. Google can read your meta description. You must place your keywords in the meta description. Because meta description including keywords is one of the most important Google ranking factors.

Keywords in Heading Tags

Your title must be an H1 tag. There are others important heading tags you need to use in your content such as H2 tags, H3 tags and more. H2 tag is really important. When you add H2 or H3 tags, you must add your keywords in these tags. It may be a factor to rank in google.

URL Contains Keywords

Most Important Google Ranking Factors

Having the keywords in your URL is an important signal for Google to boost your page rank. You need to place keywords in your URL.

Keywords Density

Keywords density is also an effective ranking factor. You need to maintain perfect keywords density on your content. Because it is a big SEO factor.Try to use 1.5% to 2% keywords on your content. But you should use keywords irregularly, use keywords naturally.

LSI Keywords

Using LSI keywords in your content is the latest SEO technique but an important signal for Google to rank high. LSI keywords or Latent Semantic Indexing keywords help Google to index your site quickly. When your main keywords can not work then LSI keywords come to the point.

Unique Content

Try to do something by yourself because it will help you to be real. When you write content you must write and publish unique content. Because it is one of the most important Google ranking factors. Without unique content, it is not possible to rank in search results


Most Important Google Ranking Factors

Lengthy content rank better that is always true. People want to details about any topic, they do not satisfy having a simple content. Google always try to get informative and erudite content to rank on the first page. Lengthy content attracts more visitors, links, and social signals.

Duplicate Content

You should not publish duplicate content. Because it is really harmful to the eye of google. Duplicate content has a bad effect on your page rank.

Using Multimedia

Using multimedia such as images, videos in your content is such factor that helps to increase your google rank.

Image Optimization

The image has a big impact on your content. It helps the reader to understand your content easily. But before using an image you must optimize your image because search engines can not read your image. When you optimize your images using Alt tag, title tag and more the search engines get a good signal.

Internal Linking

Internal linking reduce your bounce rate. When you create such a content that contains a lot of internal links, it will help you to increase your site authority. It is really a good signal for google.

Outbound Links

Outbound links help you to send good signals to search engines. But you need high PR, authoritative outbound links. When you send your users to other important sites, your users must believe on you. So it is really a trust factor for google.

Loading Time

If you want to get a good user experience, blog loading time is very important. You need to reduce your site’s loading time. Google loves those sites that have lower loading time.

Site’s Design

Site’s design is a key factor for your website or blog. It has a good impact on your page rank.

Domain Authority

Like google page rank, domain authority play is important. At present, DA is one of the most important Google ranking factors.

Mobile Optimization

The mobile phone is a great source of traffic. You will get a lot of visitors if you have a mobile optimized site. It is also a ranking factor.


Sitemap helps search engines to index your all pages and posts easily. It tells google how many pages and posts are available for indexing.


The backlink is one of the most important ranking factors. Many backlinks are the most important factor to rank your site on google. If you have a lot of backlinks from high PR sites, google will rank you better.

Backlinks Variety

When you build backlinks for your site you must be careful. Because backlinks variety is a factor for google page rank. When you build a lot of backlinks from blog commenting, it is not good. Because you should get backlinks from different sources. You need to apply different methods when you build backlinks.

Backlinks Relevancy & Authority

Backlinks are not only helpful but also it is a big cause that can ruin your site. So you must build backlinks in relevant sites. Low PR backlinks also harmful, so build backlinks in high PR relevant sites.

Broken Links

Having too many broken links on your site is harmful. Broken links have a negative effect on your site.

Domain History

Domain history is really a factor to rank high in google. Before buying a domain you need to analyze that domain. If that domain penalized by Google it will be a factor that decreases your page rank.

HTML and other Coding errors

HTML or coding errors indicate that a low-quality site. This types of errors affect your rankings.


You need to know that too much is always bad. So over-optimizing of your site is really harmful to your rankings.

Grammar & Spelling 

Grammar & spelling of your content should be perfect. Grammar and spelling mistakes can decrease your authority. So you should write content that free from Grammar & Spelling mistakes. You can use the best and most powerful Grammar & Spelling Checker Tool Grammarly.

Over To You

I hope you have enjoyed this article. There are hundreds of factors Google considers when it ranks your site. Here I have shared the highly recommended and most important Google ranking factors.

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