Improve WordPress Site Security Important Tips & Tricks

WordPress the best content management system(CMS) in the world. WordPress sites are really popular among all the online activists. Most of the popular and famous sites were developed by WordPress. You know why WordPress is really popular. It has hundreds of astonishing features that attract all the users. I am also a WordPress user. Now want to say something about the security of your WordPress site. You may disappoint but this true that we are not secure in this modern age because some threats always run after us to spoil our precious sites. So I want to give you some WordPress security tips to improve WordPress site security. You need to know the processes that make your site secure.

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Popularity has both positive and negative consequences that you know. When you will become popular and famous, there are some people on online they always try to exploit your WordPress site. So you need to know WordPress security tips to improve WordPress site security.Be careful and do something to make your site secure so that no one can do any harm of your site.

WordPress has become the most favorite target for hackers because of its popularity. We are living under the threats of hackers. But I think we are clever enough to protect our sites from being hacked. You need to take immediate steps to make your site secure. In this article, I will show how to improve WordPress site security? Just read my article about WordPress security tips

 If you are a blogger or website owner, there are some responsibilities on you to take care of your site. Only publishing contents and doing SEO are not enough. There is a most important responsibility to make your site secure. You need to take proper steps to improve WordPress site security. I want to help you providing some of the best WordPress security tips.

Improve WordPress Site Security

Improve WordPress Site Security

Use Strong Password and Secure Username

The password of your site is really important. You must use a stronger password to improve your WordPress site security. The password is such a thing that can make your site secure. It is purposeless to say that a weak password is really dangerous for your site. Generate such a password which is strong enough and a combination of upper case, lower case characters, symbols & numbers. Change your password time to time because it is really a good idea that makes your site secure.

Username is another crucial security factor. You need to use such a username that is more secure and unique. Do not use default admin username because it is common to all. Choose your own username when you setting up a new WordPress site. But if you have already set your username, you can change your default username by using Username Changer plugin.

Add Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor verification is also one of the most recommended WordPress security tips. This type of security layer improve WordPres site security. In this case, you can not login to your site only using username and password. You need another unique code that was sent to your device such as mobile.

Improve WordPress Site Security


Change WordPress Admin URL

There are different security measures that improve WordPress site security. Changing WordPress default admin URL is an excellent way to make your site secure. Generally, WordPress provides you a default admin URL such as Everybody knows this URL. So there is a chance to hack your site.

But there is a way to change admin URL. You need to use Lockdown WP Admin plugin to change admin URL. I have already written an article about how to change WordPress admin URL using this plugin.

Don’t Use Admin as Username

You should use Admin as the username of your site. Because Admin is the most common WordPress username.

Most of the people know about this username so hackers can easily hack your site. So use another difficult and strong username instead of Admin.

Don’t Advertise Your WordPress Version

Hide your WordPress version because it is a security measure that improve WordPress site security. WordPress always publish the version number so that you can ordain if you are running an outdated version of WordPress.

You can remove WordPress version from page but you need to delete readme.html file from your WordPress installation directory.

Remove Unnecessary Plugin

It is the must to remove unnecessary plugins to improve WordPress site security. You can not make your valuable website into a dump. We install different plugins, some plugins we do not use anymore. Then we should remove these plugins. It is really a good idea that removes potential vulnerabilities.

Choose the Best Web Host

Hosting plays an important role because the performance of our sites largely depend on the web host. So you need to choose the best web host. Hosting is also a big security issue. Using local and unreliable web host, you will not be secure.

So you must careful when you select your hosting.


Update your site time to time. Maintaining security is the big reason of WordPress updates. When a stable version is released you need to make an update.

Not only WordPress update is enough but also update your themes and plugins in time that improve your WordPress site security.

Security is a major concern for your WordPress site. So must be careful about it’s security. Here I have shared some WordPress security tips. I hope you will able to improve WordPress site security.

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