How to Increase Alexa Rank Within a Short Time

Today I come with an important factor for your blog that Alexa rank. After google page rank we consider Alexa rank to justify a blog or website. So you can say that Alexa rank is a crucial metric that shows the quality of your blog. You need to know how to increase Alexa rank?

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When I was started my blogging career, I didn’t have any idea about Alexa ranking. Because I had a little knowledge about blogging and other related issues. But day by day I tried to know more and more about blogging. There are a lot of issues are directly connected to your blog and your blogging career.

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I want to share my view that you can know how to increase Alexa rank of your blog or website.

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I am researching for Alexa rank and  I got some factors that closely related to your Alexa traffic rank. There are some issues that decrease your Alexa traffic rank and some issues increase your Alexa rank.


What Is Alexa Ranking? is a web information company. According to Alexa “Your Alexa rank is an estimate of how popular your site is relative to all other sites ”

This site ranks every website or blog based on their traffic, contents and other related issues. The lower Alexa number you have the better you are. Try to keep your number below  100 thousand.

Why Alexa Rank Is Important?

Alexa rank is definitely important for your blog or website. I have already told that Alexa ranking shows the performance of your blog or website.

There is a good connection between Alexa rank and your overall SEO. Many SEO experts said that you should not consider Alexa when your do your SEO. I totally agree with them because when you follow your SEO tactics and do overall SEO perfectly. You will get good traffic from other sources.

Since Alexa ranking depends on traffic then you will able to get a good Alexa ranking.

Alexa rank is also important to get a good user experience. When a reader see that you have good Alexa ranking then he/she must trust on your site.

The advertisers also consider your Alexa rank. If you want to increase your popularity then you should have a good rank. So you have to know how to increase Alexa rank?

In this tutorial, I am going to tell you the simple methods to improve your Alexa rank.

How to Increase Alexa Rank

How to Increase Alexa Rank

Submit Site To Alexa

It is the very first step that you have to submit your site to

Sign up in, it is totally free. Then claim your site.

Add Alexa Toolbar to Your Browser

How to Increase Alexa Rank

You can install Alexa toolbar on every almost all the browsers. It really effective to increase your Alexa ranking. When Alexa toolbar users visit your site they can see everything and it will automatically increase your ranking.

If you have Alexa toolbar on your browser then you can easily monitor your Alexa information and data.

Go to Alexa toolbar and click on Install Alexa Browser Extension.

Add Alexa Widget

How to Increase Alexa Rank

You can add Alexa widget to your blog. It is helpful for seeing the improvement of your site. Alexa widget not very much important but I think it is helpful. It makes you more careful about Alexa ranking.

Write Linkable Quality Content

There is no other alternative of your content. Content is the most important thing for your blog. When you have enough quality contents then you will get more traffic and people share your contents on their profiles. Then your ranking will automatically increase.

Social Networking Sites

You need to be active on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin and more. Share your valuable contents on these networking sites. You need to be an active person so that you can get enough visitors from these sites.

You can join different facebook groups and google plus communities. Share different types of informative contents on these groups or communities maintaining their rules and regulations.

Build Quality Backlinks

Your traffic depends on the number of backlinks you have. The quantity is not only important but the quality of your backlinks is also important.

You need enough backlinks to get enough traffic. If you get enough traffic with the help of your backlinks then your ranking will increase.

Maintain Continuation

You must maintain regularity to increase your ranking. If you know how to increase Alexa rank but can not work properly, your efforts will not successful.

You need to publish quality content on a regular basis, share your content every day and do other related works regularly.


I hope now you know how to increase Alexa rank? Your Alexa rank, google page rank, traffic, SEO and more are related to each other. If you can do everything properly then I think you will get a good Alexa rank.

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