Increase Domain Authority of Your Blog Tips for Blogger

Nowadays domain authority is one of the most important factors to justify your blog or website. After google page rank we consider domain authority for our sites. Every webmaster, SEO expert, and blogger should know the importance of domain authority. You should try to increase domain authority of your blog. Because it shows the performance of your blog.

You have high domain authority that means you are doing well in search engines. Search engines including google consider DA when they rank your post or site. Many bloggers are not careful about DA. So they have to suffer much when they try to rank their posts. You should know that Google page rank and domain authority both are important. Now most of the marketers and bloggers are trying to increase their domain authority. So you should try to increase domain authority of your blog.

Today advertisers consider domain authority when they try to contribute to your blog. If you have high DA they inspire to advertising on your site. So you must know how to increase domain authority of your site.

What is Domain Authority

Domain authority declares the quality of your blog or website. It shows how well you are doing in search engines. High domain authority means high google page rank.

Domain authority is a metric (range 0-100) from MOZ that ranks your website. It shows how perfect your blog or website for search engines. You can easily judge a website with the help of DA. You can easily get score 20-30 but it is really hard to get 70-80. Here I show you how to increase domain authority of your blog.

increase domain authority of your blog

Increase Domain Authority of  Your Blog

Be Serious about On Page SEO

On page SEO plays an important role in your domain authority. If you want to increase domain authority of your blog, you make sure that you have done overall SEO perfectly.

According to MOZ on page SEO is the key factor to increase domain authority of your blog. You also know that search engines including google prefer on page SEO optimized site. We will get a good page rank if we have done overall SEO properly.

Blogger should be careful about site structure, URL structure, navigability, meta tags, header tags, alt tags, keywords and more.

Create Link for Your Root Domain

Quality links are crucial for your domain authority. You need a lot of quality links back to your root domain if you want to increase domain authority of your blog.

You need try to create enough links for root domain to increase DA. Getting lot of links from one website is not very much helpful. Always try to get links from different websites. It will help you to boost your DA.

Linkable Content

Create high-quality content that helps you to get links from multiple domains. When you write a content try to build a lot of linkable content. It will help you to increase domain authority of your blog.

Internal Linking

The internal link is really important for your site. It helps the to increase your domain authority. Internal links help the search engine to crawl and index your site easily. It is a good technique of SEO.

Internal links keep visitors on your site for a long time.

Off Page SEO

There are two types of SEO such as On page SEO and Off page SEO. I have already told about the importance of on-page SEO in DA. Now come with the importance of off-page SEO. Off page SEO is very important to get traffic and high page rank. It also helps you to increase domain authority of your blog.

Off page SEO such as blog commenting, social bookmarking, directory submission, forum posting, and more are really effective to increase your DA.

Domain Age

Domain age is a matter to increase your domain authority. Older domain authority is always higher that new one. Search engines like the old domain. You should let your domain grow. Then you will see that it increases its domain authority.

You need patience and work hard to get high domain authority.


Domain authority is a considerable factor for your site. You should follow my tips to increase domain authority of your blog. You can not do it within a week. But if you have patience enough you will success.


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