Increase Facebook Fan Page Likes within a Short Time

Social networking sites have already conquered the world. We are really crazy about social media because we get thousands of benefits from social networking sites. We use social media for personal and business purposes. Among all the networking sites, facebook is the best and most popular social networking site. It is the king of social media. Here in this article, I am going to show you how to increase facebook fan page likes within a short time?

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You need to get facebook page likes if you want to promote your blog, website or any online business. You have already created a fan page for your product but you didn’t get enough likes on your page. Then what you can do to increase facebook fan page likes.

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A  Like on your page is not a simple thing. The people who are really interested on you and your product, they try to connect with you via your fan page. If you get facebook page likes that mean you get your real customers. Who have already joined on your page, they are your permanent visitors, customers or readers. They always try to be active with you on different occasions. So you need to increase facebook fan page likes.

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You must use this giant social networking site properly. If you able to increase facebook fan page likes then you will be a successful blogger. So you should try to get facebook page likes.

Increase Facebook Fan Page Likes

Increase Facebook Fan Page Likes

Complete Your Page

You know how to create facebook fan page. If you don’t know yo can read this article about to create facebook fan page step by step.

At first, you need to complete your page providing all information about your page. You should empty any option because it looks unprofessional. You need to select perfect name, write about page, enter your site’s URL and more. Create page not only for you but also for your users.

Profile image and cover photo of your page are really important. Add a relevant profile image and add an attractive cover photo. Because it is the first and most important thing to get a good impression.

Share Important and Informative Content

Sharing is really important to increase facebook fan page likes.  But you should be careful when you share content on your page. You need to share valuable, informative and unique content on your page so that people find you helpful and updated.

People come to your page to see your content and if they will enjoy your content, you will get more likes. Some people share old and unimportant content, it is really a big mistake. Because it will decrease your reputation. You should not annoy your readers with unnecessary stuffs. If you have nothing of your own to share then you can share others contents on your page. It is really a good idea and people find you helpful.

Add Facebook Like Box to Your Blog/Website

It is one of the best ways to increase facebook fan page likes. You should add facebook like button to your blog or website. This will inspire your readers to join with your directly via facebook fan page.

You can see most of the successful bloggers use this widget to increase their fan page likes. When people visit your site and read your content then they try to connect with you. If you have an option so that they can join with your fan page, I hope most of the readers join with you.

Invites Your Friends

It is really easy to invite your friends on your page. You may have a lot of friends and use these friends to increase facebook fan page likes.

Just invites your friends and ask them to invite their friends on your page.

Share Videos and Images

There are different videos and images you can share your page. Select some interesting, unique and important videos and share your page with status.

The image is also important to increase facebook fan page likes. You need to share your page related images and other interesting images. Try to share HD images.

Join Different Facebook Groups

There are different facebook groups and you should join these groups. It will help you to get more likes. But you need to join your relevant groups.

Try to join those groups which have huge members. You need to share your contents and other valuable content on those groups.

Comment and Like on Other Posts

It is a give and take system, you need to comment, like and share others contents. It will help you to get likes. You need to be an active member.

It is a really effective process to get more likes on your page.

Share at the Best Time

Timing is really an important issue. You share your posts every day on your page. But you do not get the same viewers. You need to select the best time to share so that you will get more people to see your posts.

It is really helpful to increase facebook fan page likes. If you want to get more exposure, share your posts 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm. Saturday, Thursday, and Friday are the best days to share your important updates.

Use Facebook Ads

You can use facebook ads to boost up your page. It is one of the best methods. But you need to spend money. If you can do this, I hope you will get huge likes within a short time.

Facebook offers you different types of advertising campaigns to promote your page.


Facebook is my best and most trusted source to get huge traffic. We should use this site for our journey. So you need to promote your site on facebook.

Try to increase facebook fan page likes using my methods. I hope you will able to get enough likes on your page. But you need to work on the perfect ways.

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