How to Index Backlinks In Google: Perfect Methods

The backlink is the most important thing for your blog. If you have a lot of backlinks you will get high rank in google and other search engines. So the bloggers are really busy to build a lot of quality backlinks. We get backlinks from different sources. We need to build backlinks every day. But you need indexed backlinks because non-indexed backlinks have no value. A non-indexed backlink is like you have no backlink. So you need to know how to index backlinks in google.

Google is the major search engines so you have to index your backlinks in google. If you build huge quality backlinks but you have a few indexed backlinks then you will not get any benefit from these backlinks. If you know how to index backlinks in google then you will get perfect backlinks.


I think indexing is more important than building backlinks. You need to take extra care to get indexed backlinks.

Only creating backlink is not your responsibility, you should monitor the backlink.

How to Check Indexed Backlinks?

You can easily check indexed backlink. Using google search you can check all the indexed backlinks.

Just type site:your backlink URL on google search and press enter. If you get any result that means your backlink get indexed.

Such as I build a backlink on

Now I check if the link got indexed or not.

How to Index Backlinks In Googl

I have received a result so my backlink got indexed by google.

But it may be disturbing for you if you check your indexed backlink one by one. Then you can use an excellent tool to check all the backlinks at the same time.

Visit and paste all URLs of your backlinks then click on Bulk indexing look up now and wait for a few seconds.

How to Index Backlinks In Google

Now you can see all your indexed and non-indexed backlinks one by one.

How to Index Backlinks In Google


How to Index Backlinks in Google

You have created backlinks but why google didn’t index your backlinks. There are different reasons but the most important reason is that google couldn’t find your backlinks.

So you need to help google so that google finds your backlinks.

Here are some methods for you if you want to know how to index backlinks in google?

Submit URL to Google

I use this method because it is totally free and one of the best way to let google index your backlinks.

I think most of the bloggers use this technique to index their backlinks.

Just visit google submit URL and then login with your Gmail ID, password and submit the URLs.

How to Index Backlinks in Google

Social Media Sharing

You know the importance of social media. You need to share the URLs on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, and more. Google plus is most important to get indexed.

Social Bookmarking

When you bookmark your links then it will easily crawl by google. You need to submit the URLs to social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Reddit, Delicious, StumbleUpon and more. It will help you to get google indexed.

Free Indexing Tools

There are a lot of online free indexing and pining tools. You can submit links on these tools to get index. It is really easy and quick way.


I hope now you know to index backlinks in google? This article helps you to index your all backlinks properly.

You need to monitor you all backlinks. If you have non-indexed backlinks then try to index these links in google.



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