Inspirational Bloggers in India and Their Blogs Must Read

Today I want to say about India blogging and the bloggers. You may know the Indian blogging industry is really big and perfect. Millions of people around the world get inspiration from Indian Bloggers. I am one of them. They know what is blogging, how to do blogging, why you should do blogging? All the answers you will get when you see some inspirational bloggers in India. They are serving around the world properly.

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Friend, if you want to enter this digital world and try to be an awesome blogger. You need to know who have already got 100% success in this blogging world. Successful bloggers are your pioneer, you must follow them , know about them. Otherwise, you are like a ship without a captain. You don’t know where you should go. There are thousands of bloggers in India and they are doing a great job for us who are looking for doing something special in this blogging sector.

You must know the history of these inspirational bloggers in India. Then you will get the strength that helps you to survive in this challenging sector. So I want to write something about these most inspirational bloggers in India who are my most favorite.

Inspirational Bloggers in India

Amit Agarwal

Inspirational Bloggers in India

Amit Agarwal is really a fantastic blogger. How knowledgeable, how perfect, how smart and how positive MR. Amit is? All the Indian bloggers must follow this great blogger. He can do everything by himself. I really enjoy the blogging life of this blogger. He is the pioneer of Indian blogging industry. You must agree with me that Amit the most inspirational blogger in India.

Blog: www.labnol.org

Writes About: Technology

Earnings: $60,000

Source: Adsense

Harsh Agarwal

Inspirational Bloggers in India

You must know about Harsh Agarwal. He is one of the most inspirational bloggers in India. He is not only the most popular blogger in India but he is really popular all around the world. Harsh is really smart and perfect blogger. He knows what is blogging and how to do it? We are really grateful to you Harsh for staying with us.

Blog: www.shoutmeloud.com

Writes About: Blogging, WordPress, SEO, Make Money online

Earnings: $32,000 per month

Source: Affiliate Marketing, Direct Ads, Adsense, Consultancy

Amit Bhawani

Inspirational Bloggers in India

Amit Bhawani is also an excellent Indian blogger. He is doing very well in the blogging sector and his blog serves the Indian young bloggers.  Amit is one of my favorite and one of the inspirational bloggers in India. He started his blogging journey in 2007.

Blog: www.amitbhawani.com

Writes About: Technology, Career, Pictures

Earnings: $35,000

Source: Adsense, Direct Ads

Srinivas Tamada

Inspirational Bloggers in India

Tamada is also an excellent, smart and knowledgeable one of the most inspirational bloggers in India. His blog is really popular in India. Tamada is an engineer and pro blogger by profession. You can learn about web technologies such as CSS, jquery, PHP, web development tips and more from his blog.

Blog: www.9lessons.info

Writes About: Web development, CSS, Jquery, PHP

Earnings: $15,000

Source: Adsense, Direct Ads

Harleena Singh

Inspirational Bloggers in India

Harleena is really an inspirational blogger in India. Especially she is a pioneer blogger for the women. She showed us that how can a woman achieve the success in this blogging sector. He got one of the top  personal development blogs awarded in 2014.

Blog: www.aha-now.com

Writes About Personal Development

Earnings: $30,000

Source: Adsense, Affiliate.

Imran Uddin

Inspirational Bloggers in India

Imran Uddin is my really close blogger. I like and follow him. He is also one of the inspirational bloggers in India. He is really young and smart blogger. You can visit his blog to know more about him.

Blog: www.alltechbuzz.net

Writes About: Technology, Blogging, SEO Tips.

Earnings: $10,000

Source: Adsense

Shardha Sharma 

Inspirational Bloggers in India

Shardha Sharma is another inspirational woman blogger in India. She is really popular and  one of the most famous bloggers in India. Every woman blogger should follow this great woman entrepreneur so that they get more strength. Sharma is also a good speaker.

Blog: yourstory.com

Writes About: Media related Issues

Earnings: $30,000

Source: Adsense

Ashish Sinha

Inspirational Bloggers in India

Ashish Sinha is also one of the most inspirational bloggers in India. He is really popular blogger among the young generation. Sinha wants to lead the young generation to become an entrepreneur. He is really smart and up to date blogger.

Blog: www.nextbigwhat.com

Writes About: Entrepreneurship, Business news

Earnings: $15,000

Source: Adsense, Direct Ads

Varun Krishnan

Inspirational Bloggers in India

Varun Krishnan is also a top most popular blogger in India. You can follow this blogger and get an idea how to do blogging. He is really popular among the young generation. Varun is really a superstar blogger in the blogging sector.

Blogs: www.fonearena.com

Writes About: Mobile consumers, technology enthusiasts


Source:  Adsense, Affiliate program, Paid advertising

Faisal Farooqui

Inspirational Bloggers in India

Faisal is one of my most favorite bloggers. He is really smart and energetic blogger. You want to know about the most inspirational bloggers in India. Faisal is one of them who are leading the blogging industry.

Blog: www.mouthshut.com

Writes About: Consumer research, Web portal

Earnings: $22,000

Source: Adsense, Affiliate marketing, Paid advertising


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