Inspirational Pakistani Bloggers: Top 10 List

Blogging has become one of the most popular profession. Many people who want to be an independent person involve themselves in blogging. Blogging is not only an online business or profession but is is also a great way to show your talent. If you want to represent yourself as a knowledgeable person then I think blogging is the best way. Especially the young stars join blogging to do something well in their future life. In my previous article, I have told about the most inspirational bloggers in India. This day I tell you about the inspirational Pakistani bloggers.

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Blogging is such a way that you can not only show yourself but also you can represent your country all around the world. Pakistan is such a country that has produced a lot of successful bloggers. All these inspirational Pakistani bloggers lead us in the journey of blogging. You need not worry about your blogging career because you know that a lot of successful bloggers help you in the journey of blogging. In the age of technology, Pakistan is doing very well. The people of Pakistan want to know more about technology. In this case, all the inspirational Pakistani bloggers are providing perfect information so that people can mess up more and more in technology.

Here I am going to tell you about the most inspirational Pakistani bloggers that you should know. I hope you will enjoy my article.

Inspirational Pakistani Bloggers

Inspirational Pakistani Bloggers

Taimur Asad

You must know about Taimur Asad who is one of the most inspirational Pakistani Bloggers. He is the number one blogger in Pakistan and one of the successful bloggers all around the world. Asad is really smart and update blogger.  He started his blogging journey in 2008 and never give up blogging. Taimur is really a superstar blogger in Pakistan. He is following by not only the Pakistani young bloggers but every newbie blogger from other countries can learn more from this excellent bloggers.


Writes About: Technology news, Products reviews, Mobile

Earnings: $24,000

Sayed Balkhi

Sayed Balkhi one of the most successful Pakistani bloggers. He started his blogging journey in 2006. At present, his blog has become one of the best resources about WordPress. He is really an iconic blogger in Pakistan. Balkhi got the best Pakistani blogger in 2012. Young bloggers really enjoy the life of MR. Balkhi and they get inspiration from this excellent blogger.


Writes About: WordPress

Earnings: $20,000

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

Mustafa Ahmedzai is one of my most favorite bloggers. He is really an excellent blogger. I love this blogger very much and try to be a blogger like him. His talents made him one of the most inspirational Pakistani bloggers. He is not only a successful blogger but also is an SEO expert. So many bloggers depend on him to know more about SEO and blogging also.


Writes About: Blogging, SEO

Earnings: $12,000

Amir Atta

Amir Atta is also a successful Pakistani blogger. He is really active and youngster blogger. His blog has become one of the most visited Pakistani bloggers. He started is blogging in 2008. Amir is a data network expert and working with different telecom networks.


Writes About: Local telecom, Broadband industry

Earnings: $8000

Bilal Ahmad

Bilal Ahmad is also one of the most popular Pakistani bloggers. He was a part-time blogger but now he is a full-time successful blogger. He is doing very well in this blogging sector. We get inspiration from this successful blogger.


Writes About: Technology, Blogging, WordPress, Computer, Internet

Earnings: $7000

Naveed Javaid

Javaid is also another one of the most popular Pakistani bloggers. He is not only a successful blogger but one of the inspirational Pakistani bloggers. He founded his blog in 2008 and at present his blog has become one of the best Pakistani technology blog.


Writes About: OS, Technology, WordPress

Earnings: $8000

Mohammad Nabeel Khan

Nabeel Khan is not only a blogger but he is a doctor by profession and he also likes to do the web developing and programming. But it is really interesting that he can do well in other sectors, he loves blogging so he has already built a successful blog. Nabeel is really an awesome Pakistani blogger.


Writes About: Technology, Telecom sector, Reviews, WordPress

Earnings: $4000

Nadeem Khan

Nadeem Khan is also one of the inspirational Pakistani bloggers. He is also a computer engineer by profession. Khan is really active and smart blogger. Besides blogging, he is also working as an SEO expert.


Writes About: TEchnology, Social media, Movies, Sports

Earnings: $2000

Ammar Ali

Ammar is a fantastic blogger and you must know about Ammar Ali. There are a lot of inspirational, Pakistani bloggers and Ammar is one of them. He is only 18 years old but his age could not restrict him to be a successful blogger. I can tell many things about this excellent blogger. He not only an example for Pakistani bloggers but he is really a hero among al the bloggers around the world.


Writes About: Blogging, SEO, Make money online

Earnings: $2000

Saad Hamid

Saad Hamid is a pop Pakistani blogger. He started his blogging journey with Sizlopedia in 2007. He is really active and knowledgeable blogger. His blog hit by google panda but still he is struggling to overcome all the problems. So you must follow this diligent blogger.


Writes About: Technology

Earnings: $3000

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