Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Users You Should Know

Today I am going to share an interesting and important article about keyboard shortcuts for Windows users. Windows is the best operating system. Most of the people around the world use Windows as their OS. We get a lot of facilities from Windows. It has hundreds of user-friendly features.  I am also using Windows and only Windows as my OS.

I want to give you a list of keyboard shortcuts for Windows users so that they can do their work easily and quickly. Every user should know about the keyboard shortcuts. Because these keyboard shortcuts improve your productivity, you can do many things within a short time. You have to save your time in your office or home when you do a lot of works. There are a lot of keyboard shortcuts for Windows users which allow them to save their time.

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We know that “Time and Tide Wait for None”. So we should not waste our valuable time. We have shortcut options why we choose lengthy options. If you are an intelligent person and want to become a smart computer user, you should know about keyboard shortcuts. Take a look at my article about keyboard shortcuts for Windows users. I hope you will be happy when you use these.

keyboard shortcuts for Windows users

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Users

  • Ctrl+A : Select all content in a document or folder
  • Ctrl+C : Copy the selected content
  • Ctrl+V : Paste copied content
  • Ctrl+X : Cut Selected items
  • Ctrl+Z : Undo an action
  • Ctrl+Y : Redo an action
  • Ctrl+D : Delete the selected item
  • Ctrl+F : Open search box to search anything
  • Ctrl+S : Save a document
  • Ctrl+P : Open print preview
  • Ctrl+Esc : Open the Start Menu
  • Ctrl+Shift : Switch the keyboard layout
  • Ctrl+F4 : Exit active Window
  • Ctrl+Shift+Esc : Open task manager
  • Ctrl+Home : Move cursor top of the document
  • Esc : Close the current task
  • Windows key+Tab : Open Task view
  • Windows key: Open and close Start Menu
  • Windows Key+A : Open action center
  • Windows key+C : Open Cortana
  • Windows key+D : Display and hide the desktop
  • Windows key+E : Open file explorer
  • Windows key+G : Open game bar
  • Windows key+I : Open Settings
  • Windows key+L : Lock your PC
  • Windows key+M : Minimize all Windows
  • Windows key+R : Open run dialog box
  • Windows key+S : Open search
  • Windows key+U : Open ease of access center
  • Windows key+X : Open quick link menu
  • Windows key+Left arrow : Snap app Windows left
  • Windows key+Right arrow : Snap app Windows right
  • Windows key+Up arrow : Maximize app Windows
  • Windows key+Down arrow : Minimize app Windows
  • Windows key+Ctrl+D : Add a virtual desktop
  • Windows key+Ctrl+F4 : Close the current virtual desktop

All these keyboard shortcuts for Windows users are really helpful for you. If you are a Windows user, you can use these shortcuts so that you can save your time.

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