How to Make Facebook Account Unhackable Easy Tricks

Be careful, we are living in modern technology. Everything is not good around us. We mainly depend on technology for various purposes. Technology is good for us but it is also a threat. There are a large number of people who always try to destroy our online activities. At the present world, social media has become crucial. Among all the social networking sites, facebook is the best and most popular social networking site. We love facebook, we have to use facebook. A facebook account is a must. I have already told many things about facebook in my previous article. Here I want to tell about how to make facebook account unhackable so that you can protect your account from hackers.

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You have a facebook account and you are really popular in social media then hackers try to hack your account. Every day thousands of facebook accounts are hacked. This is really a matter of regret. If you want to keep safe your valuable account you must know how to make facebook account unhackable. But most of the users are not very much careful about this issue. If you want to protect your account from hackers you should be more careful. Only contact and sharing are not your responsibilities, you have more to do. I want to make you careful about your account, so I am going to share how to make facebook account unhackable to protect your account from hackers.

How to Make Facebook Account Unhackable

Update Your Password

The password is the first and most important shield that protects your account from hackers. You should be more careful when your select your password. This is one of the big mistakes that using a simple and easily memorable password. The simple password  can be leaked easily.

The hackers are really clever and smart, they use update technology to hack any account. So you need to select such a password that is not related to you such as your name or email account. Your password should be a combination of number, symbol, upper case or lower case letters. Such as P#s&3w$0Xg7s is a strong password. There is another important factor that is you need to change your password on a regular basis. But we are really lazy, we know how to make facebook account unhackable but don’t apply. Don’t be lazy, change your password time to time.

Enable Security Settings

You need to enable security settings to keep safe. Go to your account then Settings  >> Security.

When you enable Secure Browsing your traffic will not able to access your facebook information without permission.

Login Notifications help you to be more careful. You will get notifications if anyone wants to access your account from an unknown device. When you get notifications, you must change your password as soon as possible.

Login Approvals is just like two-factor authentication. You may familiar with this issue. Many use two-factor authentication on Gmail, Twitter or WordPress. When you enable login approvals, you will get a security code each time when you try to access your account from an unrecognized device. That code will send to your  mobile device.

How to Make Facebook Account Unhackable

Hide Facebook Email ID

You facebook email ID is a really important issue. Because it will help you to recover your password. Your  email ID is the first target of the hackers. If  they can hack your email ID then it will become too easy to hack you facebook account.

If you want to hide your Email ID just go to your profile then click on Update Info on your cover photo >> Contact and Basic Info from left side menu. Now click on your email edit option then select Only Me from the drop-down menu.

Change the Security Questions

Facebook, as well as other popular websites, use this security questions trick. It considers as a security measure. You may not know not only hackers but other people can track you using these security questions. So you need to change your common security questions. Some common security questions are What is your birth place? What is your best friend’s name? The interesting thing is that facebook allows you to change the security questions. Such as What is your favorite foods? What is the best PC game and more?

Setup Facebook Login Email

It is another excellent way to protect your facebook account. If anyone manages to get into your account then facebook will email you so that you can take immediate action. But you need to know how to setup facebook login email so that you will able to protect your account from hackers.

If you know how to make facebook account unhackable then you can take proper action as soon as possible. I hope this article will help you to protect your account from hackers.

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