Make Your PC Super Fast Easy Tips for Windows Users

Windows 7 is one of the best and most popular operating system of Microsoft. I am also using this excellent operating system. I am going to share with you how to make your PC super fast. If you are a Windows 7 user, you have to know how to make your PC super fast.

Sometimes you have to face many problems if you have a slow PC. It is really disturbing using a slow PC. We can not do our daily works properly with a slow PC. So we need to increase our PC performance. You can do your works  easily and quickly if you use a super fast PC. I really don’t like a slow PC.  The smart computer users always try to keep their PC fresh and fast.

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You must want to be a smart computer user. I will share some easy and effective tips to make your PC super fast. There are some reasons why your PC slowing down. Slow PC make you lazy. Follow my tips to make your PC super fast.

Make Your PC Super Fast

Remove Unwanted Programs and Services from Startup

You can reduce your startup time by removing unwanted programs from startup. Press Windows+R to open Run then type msconfig then enter. Now a new window will appear. Uncheck the programs or other services you need not during startup then click on Apply and OK. Now you will see a window ask to restart your PC.

make your PC super fast

Disk Cleanup

Cleaning up Windows 7 disks help you to make your PC super fast. You can remove unwanted and temporary files from different disks. You can quickly access your system.

Go to computer by clicking Windows+E then right-click on any disk and go to Properties. Then a new window will open, now press Disk Cleanup.

+make your computer super fast

Disable Aero Themes

If you want to increase your PC performance, you should aero themes. It is really effective to make you PC super fast. You can select basic and high contrast themes.

Right-click on the desktop then go Personalize. Now select Basic and High Contrast Themes.

make your PC super fast

Defragment Hard Drives

Defragmentation helps to improve your PC performance. Windows 7 users can defrag their drives time to time if they have a lot of data.

Go to any drive and right-click on it then select Properties. Then a new window will come select Tools. Now click on Defragment now… 

make your PC super fast

Check Errors on Disks

Error checking on hard disks is really effective to make your PC super fast. This system will check and correct any disk errors and system files  errors.

Right-Click any disk then select Properties. Now click on Tools then Check now…

make your PC super fast

Disable Visual Effects

If you are a performance lover, not appearance lover, you can disable visual effects. It will give your PC some extra strength so that it can work fast.

Click on Start Menu then right-click on Computer and select Properties. A new window will open. Click on Advanced systems settings.  Now click on Settings… under Performance. Now select Adjust for best performance. Finally, click on OK.

make your PC super fast

Checking Power Plan Settings

It is important to increase your PC performance.

Go to Start Menu and type power plan then select Choose a power plan. Now a new page will appear. Select High Performance from Preferred Plans. If you don’t get High Performance click on Show Additional plans.

make your PC super fast

Finally, I want to say we need a high-speed PC. Windows 7 is an excellent OS. By changing some settings you can make your PC super fast. It will help you to get more benefits from your PC.

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