Most Important Widgets for Blogger Blog

The number of bloggers is dramatically increasing day by day. Blogging is an excellent way to build your perfect career. People are not only depending on job market but also they want to do different things. Blogging is such a different thing that allows you to build your own career by yourself. Everybody know about blogging so they are waiting to be a blogger. Who want to be a blogger, I know blogger/Blogspot is their first choice. How popular blogger as a blogging platform among the users. We will get a lot of facilities from blogger when we try it. I want to say something about the most important widgets for blogger that you must have on your blog.

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You may ask me that what is a widget? The answer is a widget is a small window on your blog that performs a specific function on your blog. By adding different widgets you can make your blog unique and attractive. When you visit other blogs, you must see different widgets are doing different works. If you have no widget on your blog that looks like a house without any furniture. You have to add some of the most important widgets for blogger blog.

In WordPress, we use different plugins but in blogger, you have to use different widgets. We always want to make our blogs catching so that users feel well when they visit our sites. We can not use all the widgets on our blogs because there thousands of widgets for blogger. But you can use the most important widgets for blogger. Because without these widgets, your blog looks strange. So I want to help you that you can know about the most important widgets for blogger blog.

Most Important Widgets for Blogger Blog

Most Important Widgets for Blogger Blog

Popular Posts Widget for Blogger

Popular posts widget is one of the most important widgets for blogger blog. You must add this widget in your blogger layout. This is really an important and engaging widget for blogger blog. This widget inspires the visitors to stay on your site. Because it is a natural tendency of the people that they want to know about the popular posts of your blog when they visit your site.

Popular post widget shows the posts of your blog according to its popularity. This widget increases the page previews of your blog.

Related Posts Widget 

This is another crucial widget for blogger. When people read your article they want to know more about it. If you want to fulfill the thirst of the readers you should add recent posts widget in blogger blog.

Bounce rate is a major factor for your blog. You need to reduce your blog’s bounce rate because visitors can justify your site with the help of bounce rate. Related posts widget helps you to reduce your bounce rate. Because this widget confines the readers on your site.

Recent Posts Widget

People wants to know the update information from you. Recent posts widget help them to know update information. You can display your recent posts by using recent posts widget. It is one of the most important widgets for blogger.

This looks attractive and it helps you to reduce your bounce rate. When you publish update information on your blog and visitors know about it by recent posts widget, they come back your site again and again.

Floating Facebook Like Box 

You know about the importance of social networking sites. Your blog without social media engagement is like a boat without a boatman. We know that facebook is the most popular and important social media. So must active on facebook because it is a big source of traffic.

You must have all the facilities of facebook on your blog that people can easily join with you. Floating facebook like box is such a widget that helps people to connect with you. So this widget is one of the most important widgets for blogger blog.

Social Share Button Widget

Social networking sites and search engines are related to each other. Your high page rank mostly depend on social networking sites. Search engines such as google consider your social media activities when they rank your site as well as your blog posts. So you must active in this networks.

The social share button is very important widget because it helps the readers to share your article on their profiles. It is a great way to get more traffic if your article is shared by someone. So you must have this option so that people can easily share your posts.

Email Subscription Box Widget

This is another essential widget for blogger blog. This widget helps you to increase your email subscribers. Email subscription box widget is really effective to increase your visitors.

There are a lot of visitors who want to know about your new posts. This widget informs them about it and they will back to your site. So you realize how important email subscription box widget is?

Search Box Widget

There are different most important widgets for blogger blog. But there are some widgets you must have on your blog and search box is one of them. I hardly see any blog that has no search box widget. It is a default widget for blogger.

It is not possible to display all the post on your home page by using different widgets. But if you have a search box, visitors can search for anything on your blog. It is like a search engine of your blog.

Label or Category Widget

You write about different topics on your blog. Then you create a label related to your article. Label or category widget display you all labels or categories. This is also an important widget for the blogger.

People find articles on different topics easily with the help of this widget. Visitors get anything you have on your blog easily. So you should have label widget on your blog.

Author Box Widget

Author box widget is also one of the most important widgets for blogger. After reading an article people must want to see the name of the writer. They want to remember you rather than your blog.

It is normal that people want to know more about you. Author box widget contains your short bio, picture, social media profile links and more.

Twitter Follow Button Widget

Twitter is a major social network after facebook. You should not ignore the importance of twitter on your blogging success. It is really easy to increase the number of followers on twitter.

Twitter can be a great source of traffic. But you need to add twitter follow button widget on your blog.

Contact form Widget

Contact form widget is a useful widget for the blogger. You can add this widget on your blog so that you can make a good relation with your readers.

If they want to communicate with you personally, contact form widget will help them to do that.

Recent Comments Widget

Commenting is a wonderful way to make a relation with your readers. People can share their thinkings by commenting. Recent comments widget is also a helpful widget for your blog.

You can see the recent comments on your blog. This widget helps you to know the present performance of your blog by displaying the most recent comments of the readers.


You may know about some of the most important widgets for blogger blog. If you are a blogger in Blogspot platform, you must use the widget to improve the design and performance of your blog. I have shared a list of some of the most important widgets for blogger. You can try these widgets on your blog and you will see the difference.

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