Top 6 Most Profitable Niches for Blogger to Start Blogging

It is the very first step of blogging choosing a niche for your blog. Selecting blog niche is the most important issue if you want to start and continue blogging successfully. You have selected a perfect niche that means the money is in your pocket. There is a different money making blog niches but you don’t know which one is perfect for you. It is really a big decision for the newbies. Because they have a big chance of making a mistake while choosing the niche. So the newbie must be careful before starting. Here are some of the most profitable niches for blogger, you can select any of these if you fell OK.

Best Blogging Platforms for Starting Your Blogging Career

Niche is the key to your writing and your success in blogging. If you choose the wrong niche, you will fail in the long run. It is your crucial responsibility to find out the perfect niche. You need to think about your readers, which niche help you to reach the doors of your readers. I have selected some of the most profitable niches for blogger.

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Every day thousands of new bloggers are joining in the blogging community. Blogging is not a small journey it is really a big journey. But it is not easy to survive in this sector you have already made some big mistakes. Selecting defective niche one of the biggest mistakes for the newcomers. But if they know about the money making blog niches they will able to overcome all the obstacles.

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6 Most Profitable Niches for Blogger

Before selecting your niche you need to think why you are choosing this niche, are you perfect to write quality content about it, will you enjoy your journey with this niche, do you have any background knowledge about this niche, analyze other bloggers activities who have already selected this niche, competitors analysis and most importantly the money making opportunities with this niche. If you get all the correct answers then you should select that niche.

Most profitable niches for blogger: Health&Fitness

Most profitable niches for blogger

Health is the most valuable asset for us. Good health is the blessing from God. If you are sick you can not do anything. A weak and unhealthy person can not enjoy the beauty of the word. Your life will go in vain if you can not maintain good health. What is good health: good health means free from any disease. Keep fit and healthy.

So health and fitness niche is the most profitable niche. I have no doubt about the fame of this niche. You can earn enough if you select health as your niche. But you need to provide perfect information. This day people are really serious about their health. They want to keep fit their body. So they always search for the tricks&tips about good health. A health&fitness niche blog mainly covers nutrition, digest, diseases control, details about many diseases, weight control, health research, different types of medicines and more. But health niche is not for all. If you have no clear idea about health&fitness, you should not select this niche.

Most profitable niches for blogger: Technology

Most profitable niches for blogger

We are living in the age of technology. We can not think a moment without technology. Everything around us is related to technology. So it is not possible to something better without the help of technology. Technology niche has become one one of the most powerful and most profitable blog niches.

It has also become one of the evergreen niches. The world of technology is really vast, you have thousands of options that you can provide information to your readers. The modern technology is upgrading day by day so you need to upgrade yourself with technology. Technology is really a competitive niche. It is not easy to rank your content with this niche. But there are thousands of sub-niches related technology niche. You can work with this niches. You can earn enough from Google Adsense if you select technology as your niche, you also have a big opportunity for affiliate marketing.

Most profitable niches for blogger: Blogging

Most profitable niches for blogger

Blogging is my favorite niche. At present, blogging is one of the most secular, familiar and money making blog niches. Almost all the bloggers are intimate with blogging niche. They always try to write something about blogging. If you select blogging as your niche your journey will be easy day by day. Because we always work into our blogs. So it is easy for us to write something about blogging. On the other hand, it is not easy to write about technology and health. So I can say you have a better chance of success if you select blogging niche.

This niche is also a beginner friendly niche. Any newbie blogger can write well about blogging. You must have a complete idea about blogging and SEO if you want to become a successful blogger. Blogging niche helps you to increase your knowledge about blogging, SEO, and other related issues. In this niche, you need to cover basic blogging guidelines, search engine optimization(SEO), traffic generation techniques, content writing tips&tricks, affiliate marketing and other money making processes.

Most profitable niches for blogger: Business 

most profitable niches for blogger

There are a few number of blogs related to the business niche. A business blog is really helpful to the newcomers who just want to start a business. Big or small, all the businessmen should have proper knowledge about the management of business. So they are looking for the real guidelines of business.

You have a great opportunity to become the most successful blogger using business niche. This niche also one of most profitable niches for blogger. You can write about different money making methods, how to earn money online and offline, tips for small and big business, money management system, business tips for the new entrepreneurs and more. You can monetize business blog by Adsense, sponsored ads, direct ads and more.

Most profitable niches for blogger: Personality Development

Most profitable niches for blogger

Personality Development is really a big issue for all the people. Your personality is your identity. Why you are better than others, why you are perfect than others, your personality can tell us. Personality development niche has become very popular since last few years. This type of blog helps the reader to improve their personality so that they can be popular among other people.

You can write about it if you have a clear idea about personality development. This blogger can write about how to increase your smartness, improve your identity, improve your awareness, become a complete person. Personality development makes us mentally strong.

Most profitable niches for blogger: As You Wish

Most profitable niches for blogger

It is highly recommended to work with a particular niche. I can say from my long experience that you will bo better if you work with a particular niche. But the most important issue of success is your intension, your motivation. If you have selected such a niche but you do not enjoy at all. I can say you will not successful. We should do something that we really love then we can expect the best result.

Blogging is such a great way to share our experiences, outlooks, ideas and more with other people. So you should cheat with you. You can write whatever you like. But remember you should write such thing that is not important at all, people will not receive you. So write for you, write for your readers.


These are the six best money making blog niches for you. You can select any of these most profitable niches for blogger. But before selecting you need to research your niche, are perfect for this niche. I hope your niche leads you to the success.

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