7 Best Moz Alternatives For The Betterment Of Your SEO

 Moz AlternativesThere hundreds of SEO tools are available. Out of the many SEO tools, Moz is one of the best and really useful tools for the SEO workers. If you are a blogger then you can use this tool. Everything is Ok but it has a problem that the price is high. Many can not use this tool because of its pricing. If you are looking for cheap Moz alternatives then this article is for you.

Moz is an extremely helpful tool, most of the users are happy with its performance. They think this tool is perfect in this price range. So they don’t try alternatives to SEOMoz.

But the other users, who are looking for a cheap and useful SEO tool, they can not use Moz. They need Moz pro alternatives.

I have selected some of the best and powerful Moz alternatives. You can use this tool because the price is limited.

Moz costs $99/month only for 300 keywords, I think it is expensive for the general users who need a cheap SEO tool.

You have to use different SEO tools for different purposes. Some SEO tools are free some are paid. You know the paid one should always be better. You can use some powerful SEO tools within the low price. Here I am going to share a list of the cheap Moz pro alternatives.

All these tools will be really helpful to improve your SEO. You can fulfill your Seo requirements using these cheap tools.

Best Moz Alternatives

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SEMRush is one of the best alternatives to Moz. This tool is really powerful and popular all around the world.

It is one of the most trusted overall SEO tools. I am using this tool and I have found everything here that a blogger and SEO expert want.

It has paid and limited free version. You can use the free version at the beginning. Using this tool you can discover the real power of SEO.

Most of the SEO experts recommend this SEO tool. It costs you $99/ month that same to Moz but you can track 3000 reports per day. SEMRush has a  lot of advanced features. You can easily outrank your competitors if you have this tool.

Features of SEMRush

  • Keyword research. Finding the most profitable keywords is really easy for you. You can also search long tail keywords and LSI keywords.
  • Traffic analytics.
  • Competitors analysis. You can easily spy on your competitors.
  • Analyze the backlinks.
  • Audit your full site, external and internal issues.
  • See the traffic and top ranking keywords of any site.
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KWFinder is one of my favorite Moz alternatives. It is one of the best keyword research tools. Many are not familiar with this tool. But I can say you are missing something awesome.

This tool is not only a keyword research tool but it has a good collection of many features. This tool is really easy to use, it has the best user-friendly dashboard. You can find and analyze every keyword properly.

I like all the features of this tool. It has an attractive design, you can analyze the difficulty, possibility, top ranking sites, monthly searches, CPC, PPC, country ranking and more of the keywords. It is like a mini keyword search engine.

Features of KWFinder

  • Most beautiful and easy to use interface.
  • No software and downloads needed. You can use anytime and place.
  • Find the most profitable and long tail keywords.
  • Keyword difficulty and SEO difficulty. It also recommends which keywords you should use.
  • CPC, PPC, monthly search volume, top ranking sites for your keywords, and more.
  • Keywords auto-complete option.
  • Moz trust and rank of the keywords.
  • Check search volume for your local keywords.
  • Different languages for any keyword.
  • Facebook and Google Plus like.
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I have no doubt that Ahrefs is better than any other tools for backlink analysis. If you want to run a successful link building campaign then try this one of the best Moz alternatives.

It is cheaper than many other SEO tools but the performance is really good.

Ahrefs has many options that can make SEO analysis easy. It offers backlink analysis, competitive analysis, keyword analysis, content research, rank tracking, web monitoring and more.

Features of Ahrefs

  • Backlink analysis. You can analyze the backlinks and backlink sources of your competitors.
  • The biggest backlink database.
  • One of the most effective competitor’s analysis tools.
  • Content explorer.
  • Keywords rankings
  • Link building tool.
  • Keyword research.
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Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is another powerful alternative to SEOMoz. It has a big collection of different SEO tools. You can analyze everything of a website using these SEO tools.

Majestic is also a popular backlink analysis tool. This tool is just like Moz that offers several advanced features.

Using this tool you can find the perfect keywords, keyword difficulty, backlink history, link building opportunities, site explorer, and more.

Features of Majestic SEO

  • Site explorer. Fully explore any website.
  • Search explorer.
  • Check keywords rankings, keywords difficulty.
  • Backlinks history.
  • Bulk backlink checker.
  • Backlinks analysis.
  • Create link building opportunities.
  • Clique Hunter that finds the domains that are linking to more than one competitors.
  • Neighbourhood checker.
  • URL submitter.
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SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is one of the popular Moz alternatives. This tool is really effective and offers a lot of features.

PowerSuite is a desktop-based software that is used for keywords research, on page SEO audit, rank tracking, and more.

You can use this tool for free. If you didn’t get any good result using other SEO tools then you can try this one.

Features of SEO PowerSuite

  • Using the free version you can track 1000 links and unlimited for the paid version.
  • Unlimited keywords analysis.
  • Rank tracker.
  • Website auditor.
  • Link assistant and more.
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Raven Tools

There are different Moz pro alternatives and Raven Tools is one of them. These SEO tools are really helpful for the bloggers, SEO experts, and online marketer.

Raven is a browser based SEO tool. You can easily monitor and increase the performance of your SEO and social media campaign.

Raven has a lot of features and the interface is really beginners-friendly. Anyone can use this tools.

Features of Raven SEO Tools

  • Track SEO and social media activities.
  • Perform full website audit.
  • Track On page SEO.
  • Search engines visibility.
  • Monitor page speed.
  • Automated marketing reports.
  • Fix different SEO issues.
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SERPStsat is another excellent alternative to SEOMoz. This tool is also very much helpful for the bloggers, SEO experts, and online marketers. You can easily analyze different SEO issues using this tool.

This is not very much popular like SEMRush and Ahrefs but I am sure this is really effective and helpful for those who are looking for the best Moz alternatives.

Features of SERPSTAT

  • Keyword research.
  • Backlink analysis. You can analyze the backlinks of your competitors.
  • Track the rankings of your keywords.


Over To You

If you want to take your blog and online business to the very next level, you must use some of the best SEO tools.

All these Moz alternatives are really helpful for you. You can use any of these tools. Moz is really a powerful tool but the price is a negative issue. You can use these Moz Pro alternatives, all these tools are cheap but you will get the same benefits just like Moz.

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