On Page SEO Techniques: Make Your Blog Posts Search Engines Friendly

When we think about a blog or website then SEO or search engine optimization comes first. Because SEO is the most important issue and everything of your blog or website depends on search engine optimization shortly SEO. So every blogger tries to improve their overall SEO. SEO is divided into two parts: On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. Both are important but on page or on site SEO is more important than off page. Here I am going to show you some of the most important on page SEO techniques so that you can rank better on search engines.

If you are looking for a perfect guide to on-page optimization I think you have come to the right place. In this tutorial, I will try to give you total solution about on page SEO techniques.

Most of the newbie bloggers make mistakes when they do on page optimization. So they can not rank better on google. It is not easy to rank well and get good user experience. You have to follow the all the on page SEO techniques.

Before going into the details, I want to tell something about on page optimization then I will share you details.

What is On-Page SEO?

On Page SEO is a technique of optimizing every web page to rank better in search engines. Everything you do on your web page or website is on page SEO. It is both technical and content issue. On page SEO helps search engines such as google to get a good idea about your site. There are different on page SEO techniques you need to apply.

What is Off Page SEO?

Off page optimization is also really effective to ranks well. Off page SEO refers to all the processes we do away from our sites. It is link building and other activities that promote our sites around the internet. The most important off page SEO activities are blog commenting, guest posting, social bookmarking, directory submission, article submission, social media marketing and more.

On Page SEO Techniques

Both SEO are important. On page SEO fulfill your crucial requirements. Such as:

  • Search engine can not see anything only read. On page SEO is such a language that convince all the search engines to rank your site.
  • Your users or readers are really important for you. If you want to satisfy your users, you should follow all the on page SEO techniques.
  • On page SEO drives you on the right way.
  • If you can not do on page SEO perfectly, off page SEO will not work.
  • On page SEO makes your site attractive.
  • Your content will reach the top of search engines and readers come back to your site again and again.
  • On page optimization is more effective than off page optimization.

Focus Keywords or Main Keywords

Keywords research is the must if you want to write a top quality content. You are article has no value if the people don’t read it. So you have something special that can reach your article to the readers. In this case, selecting perfect keywords is the most important responsibility.

You can use Google Adwords, it is the best free keywords research tool. But it has some problem so you need select another most powerful keywords research tool. I recommend SEMRush the best SEO tool. It is really easy to get the most profitable keywords using SEMRush. A perfect tool for the beginners and advanced bloggers.


Title or Headline

The title or headline is one of the most important on page SEO techniques or factors. Your page title is the main title of your post or page. You can refer many things with your page title.

The page title attracts the readers most. It provides your information about your post. Search engines display your title or headline on SERPs.

When you select your title, you must be careful. You should not copy others titles. Try to create your own, perfect, professional, and unique page title.

On Page SEO Techniques

It is really a good idea to start your title tag with your keywords.

After selecting your keywords, go to google and type your title into double quotation and press enter. If you do not find any result then you can select it.

Such as: here On Page SEO Techniques are my keywords. My title is: On Page SEO Techniques or On Page Optimization Issues.

Here I have added my keywords at the beginning of the titles, I have searched in google with this title and I have found no results.

On Page SEO Techniques

Don’t select unprofessional and disturbing titles because it will decrease your article’s reputation.

Meta Description

Next, you need to write your meta description. In WordPress, you can easily write meta descriptions because all most all the plugins offer you a box to write your meta descriptions. I use Yoast SEO. It is really an excellent SEO plugin.

On blogger platform, you can see an option named Search Description that is the meta descriptions.

You can see meta descriptions on search engines result pages. Search engines read your meta descriptions. It informs search engines and the searchers what is your page about? So you understand how important this SEO factor is?

On page SEO techniques

It is also one of the important on page SEO techniques. It, of course, helps you to ranks well.

When you write descriptions you must add your keywords on it and your LSI keywords should be added. Don’t write keywords more than once.

My focus keywords are: On page SEO techniques and LSI keywords On page optimization.

I have used both keywords on meta descriptions.

On page SEO techniques

Post or Page URLs or Permalinks

Permalinks or URLs are another important issues to improving your search engines ranking. Permalinks are unique URLs of your post or page.

Search engines look keywords on your permalinks. Make your permalinks short and sweet so that anyone can easily guess what is your page about?

 on page SEO techniques

You need to use positive and perfect permalinks. Don’t use ugly one.

Example: http://mytechgoal.com/on-page-seo-techniques/

It is good permalinks. The bad one can be: http://mytechgoal.com/2017-19-tn76ey-12-on-page/

You need to add your keywords on your permalinks. Remove stop words such as: how, as, on, to, what, of, on, at, for and more from your permalinks.

You can easily edit the default permalinks on blogger and WordPress. Here is a screen shot of Yoast SEO permalinks editing option.

on page seo techniques

Your permalinks should contain the summary of your article.

Heading or Body Tags

Using heading tags properly is one of the essential on page SEO techniques. You need to know how to use heading tags properly. There are different types of heading tags such as H1, H3, H3, H4, up to H6.



All the SEO experts advise using heading tags to highlight important points.

Your title tag should be H1 tag so you need not use H1 on your post area. You need to use H2, H3 tags by turn.

on page SEO techniques

Keywords rich heading tags are the must. You can also use LSI keywords on your heading tags.

Keywords Placement and Density

Keywords placement and density are crucial on page SEO techniques. We must add your keywords in the right places.

I have already told that you have to add your keywords at the beginning of your title. If you can not add keywords at the beginning but you must add your keywords in the title.

Then use keywords in the first paragraph and the last paragraph. You must use keywords in your heading tags. Always try to be natural, use keywords naturally. Unhealthy practice of keywords is a crime in the eye of google.

Keywords stuffing decrease your page rank. You should not maintain keywords density by force. You can use LSI keywords besides focus keywords to maintain the density of your keywords. Keywords and LSI keywords density should be 1.5% to 2%.

Image Optimization

The images or multimedia are essential for your content. An image increases the beauty of your article. So you must use an image on your post.

Image optimization is big on page SEO factor. You need to optimize your every image for search engines and users. Image optimization helps you to drive traffic to your site.

Use your targeted keywords on image alt tag and title tag. You should use targeted keywords on every alt tag of your image.

on page SEO techniques

Try to use targeted keywords on your at least one image file name. Do not use the image directly from google. Using your own images if you can’t edit google images before using.

Internal Linking

Internal links help in different ways. It is important on page optimization issue.

on page SEO techniques

Internal links are the links to your other pages from your current page. Internal links reduce your bounce rate and it also increases the user’s experience. Readers will get more information that related to your current post. It distributes the link juice to all other pages.

on page SEO techniques

But you ned to use relevant posts or pages links. Internal links should be dofollow.

External Links

Like internal links, external links also play an important role in improving your on-page SEO score.

You need to use other relevant pages or posts links. It will help you to increase your reputation to google and your users. Your post will be authentic if you use external links.

But you should link to trusted and dependable website or blog. If you have any doubt about the quality of that site then you need to use the nofollow link. Otherwise use dofollow links for trusted sites. External links make your reader happy.


I have nothing to say you. Now take your decision to make your site much better than the past. We can do many things of we know. We need to know everything about on page SEO techniques and apply perfectly on our sites.

SEO is nothing but a great technique. Who have already made a good relation with on page SEO, they will be successful. Most of the bloggers or content writers do not follow on page SEO techniques. So they can not rank well after doing off page SEO perfectly.

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