Organic Search Engine Optimization – How To Get Search Engine Visitors

Getting traffic is our aim to become a successful blogger. In my previous article, I have told about the importance of organic traffic or search engine traffic. Now you need to know how to get search engine visitors. It is really a difficult task to reach the top of search engine result pages (SERPs). If you can not do that, organic traffic is only a dream for you. But I want to tell you how your dream become true? You must have a clear idea about organic search engine optimization or organic SEO.

We know about three types of traffic sources:

Organic Traffic: Traffic from search engines such as google.

Direct Traffic: When people visit your site directly using your site name or your URL.

Referral Traffic: Traffic from social media, blog commenting, bookmarking sites, Q&A sites and more.

You must use all the traffic sources if you want to increase your visitors. All the visitors are precious. But among these three traffic sources, organic traffic or search engine traffic is the most valuable. Because it is your real traffic, organic traffic depends on your performance. When you have done everything perfectly then you can get search engine visitors. You need to do organic search engine optimization if you want to get visitors from all search engines including google.

What is Organic Search Engine Optimization?

Organic SEO is known as natural SEO. Organic SEO is the basic SEO. It is a process of improving traffic to your blog or website by obtaining natural or organic placement on Search Engine Results Pages(SERPs).

These results pages are free. Organic SEO is a long term process, it is white hat SEO, organic SEO is trustworthy, you need time to get enough traffic.

There are many issues are related to organic search engine optimization.

In this tutorial, I will describe everything about organic SEO or natural SEO and how to get more search engine or organic visitors.

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Organic Search Engine Optimization: How to Get Search Engine Visitors

Perform Keywords Research and Select Long Tail Keywords

Keywords research is highly recommended SEO technique. You must perform keywords research before start writing your article. It is the first requirement for writing an SEO optimized quality content.

You can not select perfect keywords manually, you need to use different free and paid tools. You can use Google Adwords the best free tools from google. These tools help you to find out your perfect keywords. Long tail keywords can be your best choice because most of the SEO experts recommend log tail keywords.

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Keywords Density & Placement are Big Issues

Keywords density in your post area is really an essential SEO factor. Your keywords density should have 1.5%-2%. Many bloggers recommend that 1.5% including LSI keywords is perfect. According to Google experts, use keywords naturally, you can use one keyword in every paragraph, if you can not, use only first and the last paragraph. But you must protect yourself from keywords stuffing, it is a big crime in the eye of google.

Keywords placement also important. You need to use keywords some of the important points such as title tags, permalinks, first&last paragraphs, heading tags(H2, H3 and more), image alt tag and more.

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Strong Permalinks

Permalinks are one of the easiest organic search engine optimization tips. Make sure you have strong permalinks. Permalinks are also known as page URL. You can easily edit your URL or permalinks in blogger and WordPress. You need to use keywords in permalinks. Remove stop words from permalinks such as: who, what, not, must, of, in, to, into, and more.

Do not use odd permalinks. Odd Permalinks Good Permalinks

Write Consistently

Consistency is the key to success. Search engines like frequently updated sites. You users also find you are serious about providing better service. Try to publish one post every day if you can not try to 3 or 4 within a week.

But you should remember the quality of your content. Quality is more important than quantity. You publish 7 articles but another blogger publishes 1 article in a week. He can rank better than you if he maintains the quality.

Social Media Promotion

Social media is the best way to promote your website or blog. You should increase your social media presence. Google and other search engines love socialization. If you have a good interaction with social media, google loves you than other sites.

You should have all the facilities of social media on your site. make your content shareable add social media icon on your site.

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Use The Power of Internal Linking

Internal linking keeps visitors on your website. It helps to boost your search engine rankings. You can create backlink of your existing pages. If you have other articles that relevant your current post, place the links. It increases your overall SEO score. Internal linking is an excellent organic search engine optimization technique.

Link Building is Still Crucial

Many bloggers ask me how to get search engine visitors but I get a few questions about the link building techniques. But building backlink is one of the most important factors to reach the top in SERPs.

You must be careful about your backlink. If you want to win the election you need the highest amount of votes. A backlink is like a vote. If you have more link you rank higher in google. But the quality of your backlink is more efficient than quantity. Try to get a link from high authority sites.

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Find Out Good and Bad Links-Remove Bad Links

Backlink is your power. Most of the experts said that backlink is still working to get better rank in google. Although, some people think backlink is no more essential. You can rank higher without backlink if you select perfect keywords but I am sure it is impossible to compete with powerful sites if you have no quality backlinks

You may have a lot of backlinks but all these links are not good. Some links are doing bad for you, these are the harmful links. You should find out these links and remove using different tools.

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These are the most important techniques of organic search engine optimization. You need to make a good relation with google and other search engines doing white hat SEO. You should not build cheap links, never copy other contents, never use copied anchor text. Do not follow unethical ways then google will rank you so that you will get huge organic traffic.


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