Perfect Time to Be A Blogger in Your Life

Perfect time to be a blogger

Hello, friends, I think you all are passing a wonderful time. Today I want to write something about the perfect time to be a blogger. When you should start blogging. This article is not only for the bloggers or newbies but also for those people who want to be a blogger but they have not make a decision yet.
I am a blogger and I have been blogging a couple of years. I have faced a lot of different situations when I took blogging as my profession. There are a lot of people who want to be a blogger but they don’t know when they should start blogging. It is a big decision to take blogging as a profession. Because if you will not success in this sector, so you must think before selecting blogging as your career.Perfect time to be a blogger

There are thousands of bloggers in the world and every day a lot of newbies are increasing the list. We know only some successful bloggers but we don’t know there are thousands of bloggers who already given up blogging. Blogging is not a smooth journey, you have to overcome a lot of difficulties. Then you will reach the goal of success. You must know what is the perfect time to be a blogger if you want to make your journey easier.

I want to tell you something about my own experience. Many newbies ask when they should start blogging and they want to know about the perfect time to be a blogger. I didn’t know about blogging in my student life. After finishing my M.Sc, I came in touch of blogging. But I was active in online and I know about a lot of online works. Truly I wanted to be a web designer because web designing is an excellent work. I know a lot about web design and web design is an important experience every blogger should know.

When I was learning web design then I need many tutorials from different blogs or website. Thus I learned about blogging and I made a decision to be a blogger. But soon I understood this is not an easy decision because in subcontinents such as India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh government jobs age is limited. Every parents or guardian wants his or her son or daughter should take a job as soon as they finished their education. You also think you should do something for your family. So it is not easy to take blogging after finishing your education because you need time to be a successful blogger. You should know about the perfect time to be a blogger.

I know in blogging you can not earn money within a month, you have to wait because without building a perfect blog you will not earn enough money for you and your family. But when you can make you a successful blogger, you will earn enough which is much more than any other jobs. Just you need patience. Don’t crazy for money, increase your skills, make you better.

Now time to say something about the perfect time to be a blogger. When you should start blogging so that you can continue your blogging without hesitation.

Perfect Time to Be a Blogger

Blogging in Student Life

At first, I want to talk about blogging at student life. I think student life is the best time to do blogging. The student must have some free time and at present most of the students pass a couple of hours every day in front of the computer by using the internet. They are very smart and blogging may easy to them because they are familiar with many terms of blogging. Such as social networking sites are the really important factor for the success of blogging and nowadays every student must know how to use social networking sites and other related issues. So I think student life is the perfect time to be a blogger.

Earn money by their blogs is one of the most important purposes of every blogger. But if you want to earn money you must wait and continue your blogging. In blogging, I know you can not earn money within a short time. I think most of the students have no any pressure to earn money f0r his/her family. So the student can do blogging without any hesitation. They can be successful besides continue their study.

Blogging in Your Service Life

After finishing your education, you need a job. Service life is also a perfect time to be a blogger. We all know a service holder have to do a lot of works and they have a little time to do blogging. In service life, you can be a part-time blogger. You should not give up your job only for blogging. This is not a good thinking.  It is a risky decision to give up your present job before becoming a successful blogger.

There are a lot of successful bloggers in the world. If you read their life story, you will see there are many bloggers who started blogging as a part-time job. They continued their blogging along with their services. When they became successful bloggers to earned enough then they gave up their jobs. Because they understood time has come to be a professional blogger. It is a good thinking, because if you fail at blogging your service help you to maintain yourself. So I think service time is also a perfect time to be a blogger but at first, you should take it as part-time blogging.


Every person wants to reach the door of success. I think success in life mainly depends on you. I have taken blogging as my profession. It is really a challenging decision because after finishing my education I must choose a perfect career which leads my life to success.

I know blogging is a wonderful opportunity if I can do it perfectly. I want to tell you if you want to build your career in blogging you must know about the perfect time to be a blogger.

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