Top 35 Ping Sites Index Your Blog Posts Easily & Quickly

Indexing is really a big issue. Most of the time we see that we have already published but it didn’t index. It is really a common and disturbing problem. So we want to get rid of this indexing issue. People apply different methods to index their blog or blog posts quickly. But all these methods are not perfect for you. Here I am going to tell you one of the best methods to index your posts faster. You need to use pin sites.

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A large number of sites are available but you should use only the best ping sites to get a better output. You should not ignore, you must use pin sites in you want to rank on search engines ass soon as possible.

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Ping submission is related to SEO, it increases your SEO score and reputation to search engines.

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What Is Ping Submission?

Pinging is a process informs search engines that your site has been updated. It is the most used process to index your blog.

You should use pinging when you have updated your site.

Pining will help you in many ways, such as:

  • Index your site quickly and effectively
  • Increase your visitors.
  • Help to rank better on search engines
  • Generate quality backlinks
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Ping Submission is very easy, just visit these ping submission sites and enter your blog’s name, URL, Feed URL and more, then submit.

Every good thing has a negative site. You must be careful when you use ping submission sites. Only use top quality sites. I recommend you to use different URLs on different ping sites.

 Top 35 Ping Sites

  1. www.pingomatic.com
  2. www.twingly.com/ping
  3. www.pingler.com
  4. www.pingmyblog.com
  5. www.blogsearch.google.com/ping
  6. auto-ping.com
  7. feedshark.brainbliss.com
  8. www.weblogs.com
  9. nimtools.com/ping
  10. www.pingmyurl.com
  11. pinggattor.com
  12. mypagerank.net
  13. ping.in
  14. totalping.com
  15. pingsitemap.com
  16. www.blo.gs/ping.php
  17. www.bulkping.com/pingindex.php
  18. www.backlinkping.com
  19. rpc.weblogs.com
  20. blogs.yandex.ru
  21. icerocket.com
  22. blo.gs
  23. autopinger.com
  24. ipings.com
  25. feedburner.google.com
  26. www.blogsnow.com/ping
  27. www.allpodcasts.com
  28. www.bulkping.com
  29. www.backlinkping.com
  30. www.addurl.nu
  31. www.indexkings.com
  32. www.pingbomb.com
  33. xmlrpc.blogg.de
  34. mnanae.jp
  35. mypagewrank.net
  36. www.autopinger.com

These are the best and most powerful ping submission sites. All these sites are active. So you can use these best ping site without any hesitation.

How to Submit Your Posts On Ping Site?

You can submit any URL on ping site such as you can ping your youtube video, blog or blog post.

Just visit any ping site that is highly recommended. Try to use different sites for different URLs.

Enter your site’s name or title, website or blog URLs, RSS URL and more.

Finally, click on Send Pings.

ping sites

This way you can ping your site using different ping sites. If you want to get faster indexing then use a ping website that allows you to get quick index.

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