How to Promote Your Site on VK and Get High PR Backlink

Social networking sites have become part and parcel of our day to day life. Some people do not use social networking sites. But if you are a blogger or online worker, you can not do anything without social networking sites. There a lot of sites that help us to promote our online businesses. We mainly know about Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, and Pinterest. But there are other excellent social networking sites, you may not know. You have a great opportunity to get quality backlinks and huge traffic from this sites. is one of them, you can get quality backlink from VK. Here I am going to show you how to promote your site on VK?

Wow! 110 Top Quality Backlinks Just 90 Minutes has high page rank, high domain authority, and page authority. So you should not ignore this site. It is not so much popular like facebook and other social networking sites. But it is really popular in Europe. So you can be popular your site in Europe if you know how to promote your site on You also get quality backlink with a lot of traffic.

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How to Promote Your Site On VK

Build Backlinks For Your Blog On PR 7 – PR 9 Sites is really an excellent site for you to get traffic and backlink. Here I am going to show you how to promote your site on VK step by step. Just follow my article and do for yourself.

At first, you need to sign up. Visit and enter your name, date of birth. Then click on Sign up. You can also sign up with your facebook account.

How to Promote Your Site On VK

After signing up you need to complete your profile. Click on profile image icon and select Edit.

How to Promote Your Site On VK

Your profile details are really important. Here are different options such as basic info, contact info, interest, education and more. Enter your details and click on save.

Now you need to make some friends. Click friends from the left side menus. Now find some friends, you can also join with your facebook, twitter friends. Add some friends to your profile.

How to Promote Your Site On VK


Now you need to share your contents, other inforative contents, images, videos and more to make your profile rich.

When you share your contents you will get backlinks and traffic.

Go to your profile and you can see sharing option just like below image.

How to Promote Your Site On VK

VK has different communities like facebook and google plus. You need to join these communities to get more benefits. You need to join your related communities. If you are a blogger then join in blogger communities.

Click on Communities then search for your related communities. Such as if you want to get blogger communities then simply type blogger into the communities search bar and press enter.

How to Promote Your Site On VK

Now you can also create your own community. It is really a good idea to branding your site on VK and get huge visitors.

Just click on Create community on the Communities page.

Now enter the name of your community and select community the type of your community such as group, public page, and event. Finally, click on Create community.

How to Promote Your Site On VK

Then you can see the information page of your community.

On the main information option, you need to enter a description, upload cover photo and more.

How to Promote Your Site On VK

On the additional information option, you need to select community subject and the most important is to add your site’s URL.  After doing everything, click on Save button.

How to Promote Your Site On VK

Now keep sharing different types of contents in your community. Especially share your own contents.


We have to depend on many traffic sources because one or traffic sources are not enough for us. So if you want to add more traffic to your blog’s list then try to boost up your site in

I hope now you know how to promote your site on VK and how to get backlinks from this excellent site.

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