Tricks to Get Top Quality Backlinks for your Site

When we talk about the SEO, we divide it into two option On Page SEO and OF Page SEO.  Both options are essential for a website or blog ranking. On Page depends on content option but off page containing the quality backlinks and social signals. Actually to increase your ranking on google or others search engine yu need to get quality backlinks from others authority sites. All of you know that importance of search engine traffic and that getting the high-quality backlink to your blog is one of the best ways to improve your blog position on search engine. If you want more traffic from the search engine then you need to make strong backlink for your blog to others. Also, for a post ranking backlink is firs one method.

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Before we move ahead wu must need to know that, Google doesn’t like purchasing  link for your site. If you do this then first you noticed that your site is a rocker faster for SEO and others option. But some days later it will be down and you can’t recover it easily. So, I will give you wonderful and effective ways for getting the strong backlink and you can ignore them. Here are some of the link building method which you should ignore.

  • Avoid side wide link.
  • These time article directory links are not that effective anymore.
  • Ignore BlogRoll links.
  • Avoid buying bulk links from sites like Fiverr or others sites.
  • Ignore Avoid buying exact anchor text link.

When you are building Quality Backlinks, You need to keep anchor tag variation and quality links in your mink. Today we will be described Tricks to Getting Top Quality Backlinks for your Site. Let’s move now to out backlinks strategy.

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Tricks to Getting Quality Backlinks  

1.  Broken link building is a method which helps you to get the quick backlink from high-quality sites.

2. Submit the guest post to other blogs.

3. Comment on others do follow  blogs. And ensure that these blogs are relevant your own blogs.

4. Link to your blog in your forum signature, ensure that must be the high-quality forum.

5. Social Bookmarking is powerful for link building and new visitors.

6. You should target social media networks as like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest.

7. Make Use of Discussion Boards by Linking to Your Blog or website.  Quora is one of them.

8. Make a Blogging Communities by Submitting Your Blog Posts to others. Some places to start are Blogengage  Inbound.

9. Ask Questions related to your blogs in Answer Sites like Yahoo Answers and Link to Your Blog in your questions. It is a great idea for strong Quality Backlinks building.

10. When writing a blog post in your blog make the internal link to others post of your blog.

11. Submit your blog to top niche directories sites.

12. Submit Your Blog to Top Blogging quality directories.

13. Submit your blog posts to all social bookmarking sites you know( Not harmful sites).

14. Submit your blog to your top social networking sites which use most of the people in the world.

15. Submit your site in Stumbleupon. Stumble upon is a great way to make strong backlink and gather visitors.

16. Submit your technology post to StumbleUpon.

17. Submit your blog to Digg bookmarking site, it is dofollow and Google crawls most of its submissions quickly.

18. Make use of press release sites, and send press-release about important updates from your blog.

19. Submit your RSS feed to RSS directories to make strong backlink.

20. Review your blog on forum sites.

Procedures Of Getting Quality Backlinks

21. Release an ebook for your other bloggers with your blog link and posts.

22. Link to many bloggers blogs with your own site.

23. Make use of web 2.0 sites for promoting your site.

24. Submit your post to blogs carnival.

25. Write the high-quality post for getting Quality Backlinks.

26. Write conversational post.

27. Submit your blog to CSS directory.

28. Write linkbait post.

29. Use of groups like Google group and Yahoo group.

30. Create a Wikipedia Page For Yourself and include your blog’s link.

It is very important to note that all the link are not equal. Quality Backlinks is more important for better SEO result. Hopefully, we are clear now about the matter of how to fetting quality backlinks.


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