How To Rank On Yahoo Search-Yahoo SEO Techniques

There are different search engines. Most of the people mainly know Google as the search engine. But there are many important searches engines except Google such as Yahoo, Bing and more. All these search engines are important for you. It is true most of the people use Google when they search for something because Google has about 68% shares on the search market. But other search engines like Yahoo, Bing also have an important contribution to search market because they have 42% shares in search markets. So you must be careful about other search engines if you want to increase your traffic. You need to rank on Yahoo and Bing with Google if you want to get more and more visitors. In this post, I am going to show you how to rank on Yahoo search?

You may have noticed one of your posts rank both on Google and Yahoo.

Such as I have an article Trusted Google Adsense Alternatives

When I search in Google using Keywords, my page appears at the top of both search engines results pages.

Google Search Results

how to rank on Yahoo search


Yahoo Search Results

ping submission sites

This page has ranked both in Google and Yahoo. That means it optimized both for Yahoo and Google. There is another example, one of my post ranked on Google but at the same time, I did not find my page in the first 10 pages of  Yahoo search results.

Google Search Results

How To Rank On Yaho Search

Yahoo Search Results

How To Rank On Yaho Search

This page optimized for google but not for Yahoo. So I did not get the same results.

I want to say that most of the SEO techniques are same for Google and Yahoo. But there are some differences so I got the different results.

Some SEO techniques are really important for Google but not very much important for Yahoo. So if you know how to rank on Yahoo you can rank your page for a particular search engine or both Yahoo and Google.

If you target on Yahoo users then you need to optimize your page for Yahoo.

There are many Yahoo SEO techniques. Here I am going to tell you some of the most important techniques that help you to rank on Yahoo.

How to Rank on Yahoo Search-Yahoo SEO Techniques

On Page SEO Is the Key

Google likes incoming links especially links from high authority sites. But Yahoo is very careful about On Page SEO techniques.

On Page SEO is the most important issue to rank on Yahoo search engine. On Page SEO is also important for Google and other search engines rankings.

Yahoo keeps eye on your Keywords, keywords density, keywords in heading tags such as H1, H2, H3 and more. Yahoo likes high keywords densities but google doesn’t. I think 2% keywords density is perfect both for Google and Yahoo.

Evergreen On page SEO Techniques

Fresh and Quality Content

Fresh and quality content is one of the most important ranking factors for all search engines including google and Yahoo.

Yahoo prefers unique content with average keywords density.

Write Quality Content

Local SEO is More Important Than Backlink

The backlink is very important for google ranking but Yahoo doesn’t give as much importance to backlink. You can create high-quality backlink because it has a power.

Local SEO is really effective for Yahoo ranking. You should be more careful about local SEO than backlink building. You should know how to get traffic from the specific country.

Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions

Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions are the on-page SEO factors. You should use meta tags and description for Yahoo ranking. These two issues are also important for google.

Social Signals

Social signals are really important for Yahoo. You should increase your appearance on social media. Share your and others contents on every social networking sites.

Backlink Issue

Yahoo strongly considers the backlinks pointing to the optimized website that use the targeted keywords in the anchor text. It doesn’t count the root domains.

Evergreen Off Page SEO Techniques


Bing and Yahoo are related to each other. If you know how to rank on Yahoo search then you will rank on Bing.

Most of the people think that it is easier to rank on Yahoo than Google. Because you need to build a lot of quality backlinks for google but Yahoo doesn’t care the number of backlinks.

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