Reasons For Not Getting Adsense Know Before Applying

You might apply to get google Adsense for several times but didn’t get yet. Adsense is a google product and one of the best and most popular ads networks. All most all the bloggers or websites owners try to get Adsense on their sites. If you want to monetize your blog or website, Adsense can be your first choice. But you should fulfill some requirements to get Adsense. Sometimes we see that blogger applied many times to get Adsense but they didn’t get. Why Adsense reject us? You must want to know the reasons for not getting Adsense.

I have another blog in blogger platform. That is my first blog. When I started blogging, I was a totally new comer in this sector. I have a little knowledge about blogging, SEO, and other related issues. So I had to suffer much.

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When I was a newbie blogger I didn’t know how to write, how to do SEO and when I should apply for Adsense. After publishing a good amount of contents I applied for Adsense. But I didn’t get Adsense. I applied many times for Adsense but all the time Adsense rejected me. Then I understood that I have already made a lot of mistakes.

I want to share with you the reasons for not getting Adsense so that you do not make these mistakes like me.

I know how popular google Adsense is? It works on Pay Per Click system. There are million of bloggers around the world who earn a decent amount of money by Adsense. So why you do not try it?

I want to say you that you should be careful from the beginning. In this article, I try to give you details about the most important reasons for not getting Adsense. So do not waste your time, read my article so that you can overcome your mistakes.

reasons for not getting Adsense


Reasons for not Getting Adsense

Insufficient Content

You do not have enough contents in your blog or website. So why you get Adsense. Because you must have a decent amount of content according to Adsense. Adsense has some rules and regulations and sufficient content is one of them.

Many bloggers are too much crazy and they try to get an early result. So they apply as soon as possible without having enough contents in their sites. So it is very normal that they are rejected by Adsense. It is one of the big reasons for not getting Adsense. Make sure you have 30-35 contents in your site before applying.

Want of Quality Content

I have told many times about the importance of quality content. You have few contents but all these contents are really good. You have a good chance to get Adsense. Because Adsense loves quality content. It is a basic need to get Adsense that you must have high-quality contents in your site.

I see many bloggers especially the newbies are not careful about quality content. They only write and publish but they are not serious about search engines and their valuable visitors. If you can not earn a  good user experience, it is not possible to get Adsense. Low-quality content in your blog or website is one of the major reasons for not getting Adsense.

Website Design

There are many reasons for not getting Adsense. Your blog or website design is one of the main reasons for not getting Adsense. You know search engines like the perfect site design. You should design your blog for search engines and your visitors. The design gives the first impression to your visitors.

Every visitor wants to you a good and professional design so that they can use your site properly. You need to spend much more when you design your site. Select clear, smart and easily navigable design.

Domain Age

Domain age is a factor to get Adsense approved. If you are a new blogger, it is really hard to get Adsense. Your domain age should month old, then you can apply for Adsense. Sometimes we see that some domains age are older than 6 months but didn’t get Adsense.

It is not true all the time that you have to wait 6 months. There are a lot of bloggers who got Adsense within 2-3 months after starting. If you wait for six months it is good.

Copied Images

We know the importance of image for your content. An image increases the attraction of a content. So you must add the image in your every content. You should try to use your own and relevant images on your content. If you copy others images, it may be harmful  to your blog. Adsense doesn’t like copied images. I know how bad using others images in your blog. It is one of the big reasons for not getting Adsense.

You should not act like a thief. Use your own thing does not steal others things. Create images by yourself or there are a lot of free stock images sites.

Low Traffic

The amount of traffic is not very much important for getting Adsense. But the amount of your organic traffic can be an issue for Adsense. If you have a good amount of organic traffic it increases the chance to get Adsense.

Traffic is really important for your site. You know that without a lot of traffic you will not earn enough. So you should try to increase your traffic. Sometimes we see that Adsense reject those sites that have not enough traffic.

Absence Of About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy Pages

About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy pages are very important for your blog. You must create these pages before applying google Adsense. It is really one of the worst reasons for not getting Adsense that you have no about us, contact us and privacy policy pages. Many bloggers do this mistake that why they didn’t get Adsense approval.


Adsense is really popular and one of the oldest ads networks. It is really easy to earn money by google Adsense. So many bloggers like this ads network. But you must be perfect for Adsense before applying. You have to find the reasons for not getting Adsense. I think this content help you to get Adsense approval.

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