7 Tips to Reduce Blog Loading Time Easily and Quickly

A successful blog is a big combination of some good works. A blogger has to fulfill all the important requirements if he wants to victorious like other great bloggers. Believe me, friend, you can not do anything better just doing only one or two things. You have to do many things. In the blogging sector, you must be careful about all the related issues. Blog loading time is really a crucial factor for your blog. If your loading time is high people don’t like your site. They will not come back to your site again. So you need to reduce blog loading time.

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Time is really a precious factor to all.  People don’t want to waste time anymore in this competitive world. So why they wait for your blog if it takes a long time to load. It is a really bad sign for your blog that is high loading time. At present, blog loading time is an important ranking factor. Search engines including google consider loading time when they rank any site. So you must try to reduce blog loading time. Readers love your blog if its loading time between 2 seconds to 4 seconds.

Reduce Blog Loading Time

reduce blog bounce rate

Using the Best Web Host

Hosting plays an important role to reduce blog loading time. Sometimes we see that everything is ok but loading time is high. What is the problem? This problem occurs for the fault of your web host. You should not choose local, unpopular web host for your blog. Because you have better options why you select the bad one.

Self-hosted WordPress blog has an advantage that you can choose your own host. So select the best one. It may need some extra dollars but you will get the best advantages. If you want to get a good reputation and high page rank you should use the best web host to reduce blog loading time.

Remove Unwanted Plugins

There are thousands of plugins for WordPress blogs. But you cannot use all these plugins. Because a lot of plugins make your blog heavy. So the loading time increases dramatically. You can use only those plugins which are really useful. We should not install such plugins you do not use anymore.

We can not do anything in WordPress blog without using plugins. So we have to use plugins but remember about your loading time. You can use W3 Total Cache plugin to reduce blog loading time. So you can reduce blog loading by minimizing the number of plugins you have installed.

Select Perfect Theme

Blogging is not a small journey. It is lifetime achievement to be a successful blogger. We must think about the quality of everything related to our blogs. We should not consider anything when we think about quality. The theme is really important for your blog. It is a factor that can reduce blog loading time.

So you should not select a free theme. Because these themes are poorly designed and the coding quality is not good at all. So you should spend money so that we can select the best one.

Optimize Your Images

A blog post without an image looks really odd. We add images in our blog posts to increase the visibility of our posts. We have to use images in our every blog post if we want to make it perfect. But we should be careful that images can increase the blog loading time.

You must optimize all images before publishing if you want to reduce blog loading time. You should use PNG or GIF format images. PNG format images are the best. This type of image helps you to reduce blog loading time.

Don’t Show too many Posts on Home Page

Most of the bloggers do this mistake that they display too many posts on their homepage. It is really a bad idea that effect on your blog loading time. The home page is very important because visitors get the first impression from your home page.

If you use a lot of posts on home page, your loading time will increase. So the visitors may leave without seeing anything on your blog. You can add 6-7 posts on your home page.

Don’t Use too Many Advertisements

Nowadays blogging is a great source of income. So everybody wants to take it as a profession. I also believe blogging is a source of income. But I think the quality of your blog is first. If you will not get enough visitors and high page rank you will not earn enough. Bounce rate effects on your page rank as well as visitors.

You should not display too many ads on your blog. It can increase your blog bounce rate. Too many ads look really odd.  You should only display ads on the major points of your blog so that you can reduce blog bounce rate.

Use a CDN Network

CDN is for Content Delivery Network that helps you to reduce blog bounce rate. CDN is a network of web servers that helps you to distribute contents more effectively across the countries.

If you buy a hosting from the USA then your site is ok here but when the Asian or African browse your site they will not get same speed just like the USA. You can remove this problem by using CDN. The people around the world get same loading time if you use CDN.

We need a lot of visitors and we also need high page rank. But with high loading time, we will not get these. So we need to reduce blog bounce rate. These tips will help you to reduce blog bounce rate perfectly.

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