How to Remove Spam Backlinks with Google Disavow Tool

You know about SEO which is the most important factor for any website or blog. Without doing proper SEO you can not reach the door of search engines. SEO has two sides good and bad. You must need to do SEO but negative SEO harm your site. You can not rank on search engines. We mainly know bad or negative SEO is low-quality backlinks or spam links. You need to delete spam backlinks from your site. Here is how to remove spam backlinks?

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Bad backlinks will affect on your overall SEO, so it will create a misunderstanding between you and google. Then google get a chance to take action against you.

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In this Google Penguin and Panda age, we are living under a threat. We can hit by google for any negative SEO.

You need to know that Google Penguin and Panda were created to penalize any site using their spam methods. If you hit by Google then it will be very difficult for you to recover your site.

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So you have to know how to remove spam backlinks?

There is an excellent tool called Google Disavow Links Tool. This tool helps you to delete spam backlinks. If you know how to remove spam backlinks using google disavow links tools then you will be free from any threat.

Why Should You remove Spam Backlinks?

The backlink is a google ranking factor. If you have many backlinks, you have a higher ranking. But it is not totally true because some backlinks down your site.

You need relevant quality backlinks from high PR sites. If you get backlinks from non-relevant sites, google will take it as negative SEO and you will ultimately lose your reputation.

Many brands lost everything by getting Penguin and Panda hit. So be careful.

For this reason, google launched google disavow links tool, that helps you to delete spam backlinks.

Are You Perfect for Using Disavow Tool

Friend, if you know how to remove spam backlinks using this tool, you can remove. But this tool is not for everybody. Before starting, you need to know how to remove spam backlinks using google disavow tool.

This tool is not for everyone. You need to remove harmful backlinks from google’s consideration.

If you have received a manual penalty, you have different toxic links, you receive an algorithmic penalty, your site is affected by spammy links and you can not control it then you can use Google Disavow tool to remove all bad links.

Unless you need not use this tool.

How to Remove Spam Backlinks using Google Disavow

  • At first, you need to visit your google webmaster tools. Log in with your Gmail ID and password then select your site.
  • Now click on Search Traffic and select Links to Your Site.

How to Remove Spam Backlinks


  • You can see your total links. Click on More to get the download option.
  • Then click on Download this table and select CSV from the popup for easy manipulation and copying.

How to Remove Spam Backlinks

  • Now You need to create a text file containing those backlinks you want to remove. Save that text file on your PC for further use.
  • You can ignore the complete domain that sending you too many spam links such as You can simply enter in the text file.
  • When you have done. Visit Google Disavow and select your domain from the drop-down menu and click on DISAVOW LINKS.

How to Remove Spam Backlinks

  • Then you can see another page. Here you need to click on Disavow Links again.

How to Remove Spam Backlinks

  • On the next page, you need to upload the text file that contains the links you want to remove. Click on Choose File and upload. Finally, click on Submit.

How to Remove Spam Backlinks

That’s all. You have successfully done. Google takes several weeks to remove all the spam links.


I hope now you know how to remove spam backlinks using Disavow links tools. This is really an effective tool for you. But before using you make sure that you are eligible to use this tool. Otherwise, you will get negative result.

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