How to Report Google to Remove Copied Contents

Copying others contents is really a big crime. Google must punish you if you copy others contents. Contents writers have to work hard to create a content. It is really pathetic if someone copies their contents. Nowadays it is very common that there a lot of bad guys who copy others contents and publish on their own sites. When you write a content and publish it on your blog or website, you have to think that someone can thieve your content. So you must be careful. You need take immediate action to remove copied content from the google search. Here you know how to report google to remove copied contents?

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It is really disturbing if anyone copied your contents and rank better than you on the google search. Sometimes we see that copied contents rank better than the original contents in search results.

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We know google is smart enough to find anything wrong. But who steal your contents they also clever that they know how to cheat with google. So sometimes they become successful to rank better than you.

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There is another woeful factor that original content may consider as copy content to google because of your mistakes. So must know how to report google to remove copied contents?

You need to report manually to google if you find any copied content. Then google will remove copied content from google search.

At first, I want to show you the process to find copied contents then I will tell you about how to report google to remove copied content.

Find Out Copied Contents

There are different ways to find out the copied contents. Different online plagiarism checker tools can find the copied contents.

You can also use Grammarly or Copyscape.

The easiest way I personally use that is google search.

Just pick up one or two lines of your post and search in google with double quotes.

Such as one of my blog post contains this line:  “Sometimes we need to remove a URL from google that has already indexed”

Now search in google:

how to report google to remove copied contents

Here are no copied contents. If has then you see some search results.

How to Report Google to Remove Copied Contents

When you found your copied content then go to Google DMCA page. Now click on Submit a Legal Request then tool.

How to Report Google to Remove Copied Contents

Now select Blogger/Blogspot if that site who copied  your content is hosted in Blogspot otherwise select Web Search.

How to Report Google to Remove Copied Contents

Now you will see a new page. There are different options. Select I have a legal issue that is not mentioned above.

Then another page, select I have found content that violate my copyright.

Now check the box Yes, I am the copyright owner or authorized to act on the copyright owner’s behalf

How to Report Google to Remove Copied Contents

It will ask What is the allegedly infringing work in question? Select Other

Now you will get a form link to submit your request to remove copied content.

Here are the direct link of different forms:

If Blogspot blog copied your content: Link

Other platforms copied your content: Link copied your content: Link

For Linkedin: Link

Now you get a form. Fill up the form with all information. It allows reporting multiple links on a single form.

How to Report Google to Remove Copied Contents

Then submit your request. Before submitting, check again your request. Google takes some time to remove copied contents.

You have to report about copied content if you want to keep free from threats. So you need to know how to report google to remove copied contents?

That’s all. Hope you have enjoyed this article.

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