Most Effective 9 Search Engine Optimization Techniques Worked For Me

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization the most important issue over the internet. Your online activities run by SEO and your success also depends on SEO. So we can say SEO is crucial for all on the internet. I think most of the online users are familiar with this issue. Especially the online workers such as bloggers, online marketer, online businessmen and more can not imagine without SEO. I have already told many things about SEO in my previous articles. All these articles help you to increase your knowledge about trusted SEO techniques. I also apply different SEO methods on my site. Among all these methods, some of the search engine optimization techniques worked great for me.

In this article, I am going to share with you something perfect that help you to reach the top of search engines like me. Day by day search engines optimization techniques has been changing. So you should keep yourself updated with the latest SEO. Many bloggers are not careful about the search engine optimization techniques. They think only writing and publishing is enough for them. But it is bitter true only a lot of contents can not do must for you. So be careful about SEO. The following trusted SEO techniques worked for me, I hope these will work for you.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

9 Search Engine Optimization Techniques Worked for Me

Keywords Research

This is the most important SEO factor for me. Because I have seen it is possible to rank on the first page of google within a day by selecting proper keywords. If you can not follow many SEO terms but you can rank better if you only work with your perfect keywords. On page SEO is important for you and most of the writers try to fill up all the on page SEO factors when they write content.

I think the keyword is like a magic but your overall SEO is not magic. It is impossible for other SEO factors that your keywords can do. I really enjoy researching keywords because I have already seen the power of keywords. I generally use Google Adwords in my keywords research. There are other paid tools such as SEMRush, Ahrefs, and more.

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Using Long Tail Keywords with LSI Keywords

All the bloggers, SEO experts, webmasters and more agree with me that long tail keywords rank better than the short keywords. Long tail keywords have low competition and google prefer the long tail keywords.

If you select short keywords you have to face a big competition, you have to beat the top class sites that have already created a position in search engines. So if you want to rank better within short time select long tail keywords. You should have a partner with your main keywords that LSI(Latent Semantic Index). LSI keywords protect you from the unhealthy practice of your focus keywords.

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Social Media Marketing

SMM is one of the most important search engine optimization techniques. In this age, you can not run your online business if you have no connection with social networking sites. I am really grateful to all the social networking sites especially facebook, twitter, google plus, LinkedIn. These sites have done a great job for me. I share my every content on these networks just after publishing.  Try to join with bloggers and other professionals on social media.

I have already joined a lot of relevant facebook and LinkedIn groups, google plus communities. I share my contents all these groups and communities that help me to get a lot of traffic and increase my reputation as a good blogger.

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Questions and Answer Sites

I am a big fan of these Q&A sites. These sites are my real partner. You can not believe how powerful the question and answers sites. You can easily reach your audience by using questions and answers sites. Especially, Quora is the most powerful site. I didn’t know about Quora but when I learned about it and start working with Quora, my traffic has increased that I can not believe.

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Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is one of my favorite search engine optimization techniques. I think all the bloggers prefer blog commenting to build backlink for their sites. Blog commenting is not only offer you backlink but it is also a big source of traffic.

You can easily build relation with other bloggers if you can comment perfectly. I try to comment on other relevant blogs every day. Be careful about the PR and domain authority of those sites.

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Document Sharing

Slide sharing or document sharing sites are really effective to get more traffic. There are different search engine optimization techniques and document sharing is one of the important SEO factors.

I mainly use to share my document especially PDF file. You can also use Issuu, Scribd and more to share your slide.

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Social Bookmarking

There are a lot of powerful social bookmarking sites over the internet. These bookmarking sites are one of my favorite tools to promote my blog. You need to bookmark your posts on these sites. It helps you to increase traffic and rank higher in google. Reddit, Digg, Diigo, StumbleUpon and more are the best bookmarking sites.

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Blogging Communities

The blogging community is a place for the bloggers who are same to you. It is really a big place for the bloggers to promote their blogs and themselves. Your blogging journey should not be alone. make a good connection with other bloggers and your readers. Blogging communities are really big place for me.

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YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the most popular video sharing and social networking site. At present, using the power of YouTube has become one of the most effective search engine optimization techniques. many bloggers have reached the top only using YouTube Marketing. I also use YouTube to promote my blog. I create short videos related my posts and share on YouTube maintaining SEO.


Hope you have enjoyed this article. I have shared these search engine optimization techniques so that you can increase your performance. I am sure you will do well if you can use all these trusted SEO techniques. It is not a matter of a day or month, you need to work with patience then you will see how strong the SEO is?

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