SEMRush Review & Guideline: Best Keyword Research Tool

When I started blogging and online marketing, I thought I can do everything within a short time, it is really easy to get traffic and make money by blogging. But the reality is totally different.

You all agree with me blogging is not an easy task and online marketing is also hard.

Getting enough traffic to your website or blog is one of the hardest work. Especially the beginners have to fight to get enough traffic. Because they don’t know how to do, what to do?

Some people win the race and some can not, so they have to give up.

But if you are still want to reach your goal, you must do something special.

Blogging is really a big competition. Many people are fighting to reach the top of the search engines including Google. You know some people can reach the top but some can not.


You know any answer? is there any secret? Why some people win but some can not.

Yes, there is a secret, the winners have something special. So they perform well.

The winners know which keywords they should select, how to write, where they should create backlinks, how to beat strong competitors and overall how to get enough traffic & build authority.

The winners are using the best keyword research tool and SEO tool. They are using a tool like SEMRush that has the ability to kill any competition.

In this SEMRush review, I will tell everything about the best SEO tool.

Why you should select SEMRush as the best competitors analysis tool.

Why Should You Use an SEO Tool?

You know SEO is the king. If you have no idea about SEO, you will fail in the long run.

You agree with me, most of the bloggers and online experts have no clear idea about SEO. Because it is not an easy factor. You need enough time to learn SEO.

SEO is not a single factor, it is the combination of different factors. You can not research everything without using an SEO tool.

A tool like SEMRush tracks everything and provides you the best answer.

You need the best keyword research tool, competitors analysis tool, backlink tools to get a clear idea.

SEMRush is such an SEO tool that guide your step by step from the beginning to ending.

Grab The Best SEO Tool


What is SEMRush?

SEMRush is the best keyword research tool, it is also competitors analysis and backlink analysis tool.

It is like all in one SEO Tool. You will get everything you need that help you to become a successful online worker.

SEMRush is paid SEO tool, it has also 30 days free trial.

You can try the free trial at this moment. Then you will be able to know why people are really crazy about SEMRush?

What is The Best Keyword Research Tool & SEO Tool?

There are a lot of SEO tools in the market. Some are free and some are paid. Many bloggers and SEO experts are using the free tools and many are using paid tools.

If you want to get the best keyword research tool for free, I suggest you Google Keyword Planner.

But you know that the paid one is always better than the free one.

If you ask the successful bloggers, SEO experts and online marketers about the best SEO tool. I think most of them claim SEMRush is the best SEO tool. Because they are using this tool and they know the difference between SEMRush and other SEO tools.

So they know that reasons why SEMRush is the best and most powerful SEO tool.

It is an all-rounder tool that provides you detail information about the most performing keywords, competitors analysis, backlink analysis and overall SEO analysis.

You have SEMRush, you have everything. You have already done half.

Best Keyword Research Tool

SEMRush Review: The Best Keyword Research Tool

I love reading, I have read a lot of articles and reviews about SEMRush from top class blogs. I know a lot of successful bloggers who are leading us in this blogging sector.

They know many things but we don’t, they know how to perform better than others?

Almost all the successful online workers claim SEMRrush is the best keyword research tool, competitor analysis, and SEO tool.

I am using this tool and I also used other SEO tools. I can say SEMRush is undoubtedly the best SEO tool.

It lets us do everything that we can not do using other tools.

I hope you will understand, why SEMRush is the best performing SEO tool after reading this SEMRush review.

             30 Days Free Trial Get All The Features 


Keywords Research

Finding the best and well-performing keywords is a big challenge for all the bloggers and online marketers. You have perfect keywords that mean money is in your pocket.

You agree with me that selecting money making keywords is not an easy task. Most of the users are not careful about the keywords research.

So they will fail in this competition.

I can say you can reach the top of Google without creating a single backlink if you can select the perfect keywords.

Your article is dead if you can not select the proper keywords.

So it is undeniable truth, a keyword is the king of a top quality article.

SEMRush for Keywords Research

You need the best keyword research tool if you want to get money making keywords.

There different keywords tools are available but every tool has not the ability enough to find the suitable keywords.

`Many people are using the free tools such as Google Keyword Planner. This is a good tool but SEMRush is the best.

Because it provides the exact and details results that will be really helpful for you.

Best Keyword Research Tool

SEMRush keyword tracker shows the list of top keywords with its position, traffic, volume, difficulty, keyword density for selected country and domain, and more.

You need nothing if you have this best keyword research tool.


Competitors Analysis

At present, competitors analysis is the must for you. If you want to beat your competitors who are doing great, then competitors analysis is the very first step.

You have a lot of competitors, some are strong and some are weak.

You must beat the strong competitors if you want to get the best results.

Without beating the powerful competitors, you can not reach the top of Google with you most profitable keywords.

You have to find the best performing keywords of your competitors, the number of backlinks, sources of backlinks and more.

So you need a competitors analysis tool to spy on your competitor’s websites.

SEMRush as Competitors Analysis

SEMRush is not only the best keyword research tool but it is also the most powerful competitors’ analysis tool.

It makes analysis easy and handy. You can easily track the whole activities of your competitors.

Using SEMRush, you can find the top ranking keywords of your competitors, which keywords send them more traffic, keywords position in search engines, the number of backlinks, backlinks sources and more.

I think these are enough for you to hitting your competitors. You can easily steal their backlinks, keywords position, search positions and more.

Best Keyword research tool

If you want to outrank your competitors and perform better than your competitors in the Google search, SEMRush tool is for you.


Backlink Analysis

The backlink is another crucial factor for your blog or website. The backlink is the most important issue if you want to dominate Google search.

The only backlink is not enough for us but the quality is more important than the quantity.

So you need to know the number of backlinks and sources of backlinks.

If you know the sources of backlinks of your competitors, you can build backlinks in these same places.

SEMRush as Backlink Analysis

I have already told many things in this SEMRush review.

Now the issue of backlinks analysis, SEMRush is one of the best Backlink analysis tools.

It shows you the total backlinks, referring domains, backlinks types, backlinks sources, anchor text, nofollow & dofollow backlinks, TDL distribution, and more.

This tool analysis every atomic factor of your and your competitors’ backlinks.

Best Keyword research tool


Organic Traffic

Traffic is your goal. You have to get enough traffic.

We get traffic from different sources. Traffic is valuable but all the traffic can bring the more results for you.

Organic traffic or search engines traffic is most valuable traffic. This traffic shows your performance.

If you get enough traffic from Google and other search engines, you have done well. Organic traffic brings more sales.

You also need to know the traffic sources. If you using Adsense or doing Affiliate marketing, you have to get a clear idea about the traffic sources.

Affiliate marketers target any specific country to get more sales and Adsense users get high CRT if they get traffic from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and more.

SEMRush and Organic Traffic

SEMRush offers a count for organic traffic for each geographical region. You can count your overall traffic and also your competitors.

Best Keyword research tool

You also get the traffic sources, which country provides you the highest amount of traffic. Then you can target this country and promote your products to get more sales.


Overall SEO Audit / Site Audit

Many bloggers have a common problem that they are creating great content consistently but don’t get enough traffic. It is a hidden problem.

If you have some internal or external SEO problems, your site will not rank properly. You must be careful about it. If you have this problem, you can not perform well even if you are working hard.

So overall SEO audit or site audit is the must.

SEMRush and Site Audit

It is another excellent and powerful feature of SEMrush that most of the tools do not offer.

This is site audit feature. Site audit feature is really useful to keep our sites errors free.

You are struggling for traffic but don’t get. I think you have some internal SEO problems that you can not find manually.

Best Keyword research tool

SEMRush lets you discover all the mystical SEO errors. It keeps your site refresh and error free.


SEMRush Review: Pros and Cons

Everything has some weak points. SEMRush is the best keyword research tool and overall SEO tool. But it has something that should be improved. Still, SEMRush the richest and error-free tool.

SEMRush Pros

  • It is the most powerful SEO and competitors analysis tool.
  • SEMRush is all in one SEO tool.
  • It knows the activities of search engines and provides you the exact results.
  • Finding the most profitable keywords is really easy.
  • Track the activities of the powerful competitors.
  • Overall site audit improves the performance.
  • Backlink analysis, sources, and the quality.
  • Analysis organic traffic and best performing keywords.

SEMRush Cons

  • SEMRush doesn’t process multiple backlinks from the same sources. So it shows the result that is not accurate.
  • The price is a bit of a downside. But I think it is not a big issue.
  • The interface is user-friendly. But the beginners need some basic knowledge.


SEMRush Pricing: The Best Keyword Research Tool

SEMRush has three different pricing packages. Every package is perfect for you. But as a beginner, you can use the Pro Plan but the Guru Plan can be your best choice.

SEMRush Three Pricing Packages Are:

  1. Pro Plan

Price: $99.95/Month

2. Guru Plan

Price: $199.95/Month    

3. Business Plan

Price: $399.95/Month

#Pro Features

Grab Pro Plan & Discover Yourself

  • Results Per Report: 10000
  • Reports Per Day: 3000
  • Projects: 5
  • Keywords to Track: 500
  • Pages to Crawl: 100000
  • Social Media Profile: 50

#Guru Features

Grab Guru Plan & Discover Yourself

  • Results Per Report: 30000
  • Reports Per Day: 5000
  • Projects: 50
  • Keywords to Track: 1500
  • Pages to Crawl: 300000
  • Social Media Profile: 100

#Business Features

Grab Business Plan & Discover Yourself

  • Results Per Report: 50000
  • Reports Per Day: 10000
  • Projects: 200
  • Keywords to Track: 5000
  • Pages to Crawl: 1000000
  • Social Media Profile: 300

Your Turn: SEMRush Review

SEMRush is such a tool that has the ability enough to take you the next level. If you want to discover the power of SEO then this best keyword research tool is for you. It is not only a keyword research and competitors analysis tool, it the all-rounder SEO tool.

If you are not satisfied with your performance, you are doing hard work but didn’t get any good result. This tool can be your best weapon. Kill your competitors and dominate Google with the power of this tool.

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