Setup CloudFlare Free CDN to WordPress Proper Guideline

There are different requirements that not only important for search engines ranking but also for good user experience. Page loading time or site loading time is a fundamental issue for every website or blog. Search engines consider your loading speed when they rank your website or blog. We use W3 Total cache, MaxCDN to improve the speed of our sites. These two tools are good to increase your page loading time. But there is another free CDN for you and that is CloudFlare. You need to know how to setup CloudFlare free CDN to WordPress.

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Since page loading time is an important SEO factor so you have to take extra care on it. We do different things to improve our site’s speed. Such as we use small images or optimize images properly, do not use too many plugins, reduce page size and more. But using CDN is the best way to optimize your site for better page loading time.

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Among all the CDN CloudFlare is my favorite CDN. So if you want to try it, you need to know the process that you can setup CloudFlare free CDN to WordPress site.

What is CDN?

A Content Delivery Network is known as CDN. It is a system of distributed servers that delivers web pages, contents, and other information to the users according to their searches based on geographic locations.

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It is important for your WordPress blog. You need to know about it.

We use different hosting services. Such as you are using Bluehost or Hostgator and the data center are located in the USA. When someone searches for your site from the remote distance such as India, Bangladesh or Pakistan then his/her request will go to the USA data center and your site will open on his/her browser. It is really a quick process but it takes some time for the distance.

If you can minimize the distance, the users get your site from any place within a short time.

A CDN network can do it because a CDN has many data center in many places around the world. When a user searches for your site then the CDN deliver your site from the nearest data center. That improves your site speed.

Why CloudFlare?

I want to tell you that you need to setup CloudFlare free CDN to WordPress. It is the best options in the market. Most of the bloggers use this CDN service to make their sites perfect.

CloudFlare focuses on security and spam control beside increasing your site speed. So I recommend you to setup CloudFlare free CDN to WordPress if you want to increase page loading time.

Setup CloudFlare Free CDN to WordPress

I think your hosting service is responsible for your site performance. So you need to use a better hosting service. I recommend you Bluehost or Hostgator if you want to setup CloudFlare free CDN to WordPress.

You need to signup for CloudFlare. Visit and click on Sign Up link.

Enter your valid Email address and type a secure password then click on Create Account.

Setup CloudFlare Free CDN to WordPress


On the next step, you need to enter your site URL. Click on Add Site. CloudFlare will start scanning your site that may take 60 seconds.

Setup CloudFlare Free CDN to WordPress


Once the scan is finished, you will be redirected to DNS files zone. You can see a list of DNS record after scanning your website.

You can change the value here and you can choose if a desired value or domain has to be passed through CloudFlare or not.

DNS that will be passed CloudFlare are in orange color icon and DNS that are bypass are in the grey color icon.

Setup CloudFlare Free CDN to WordPress


Now you need to select a plan. It has free and pro version. You need to select Free Website and click on Continue.

Setup CloudFlare Free CDN to WordPress


Now on you need to change your domain name servers. Yo change the name servers for your domain name and point to the CloudFlare name servers, you need to login to your hosting cPanel.

You will get two CloudFlare name servers which have to replace in your domain provider Dashboard.


ClouFlare is the best free CDN network. You need to know how to setup CloudFlare free CDN to WordPress?

If you want to get a smart and fast blog or website, you need to use CDN service. Among all the CDN, CloudFlare can be your first choice.


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